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FR-S / BRZ E85 Flex Fuel Kit

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  • FR-S / BRZ E85 Flex Fuel Kit

    FA20CLUB Flex Fuel Kit Ready

    The flex fuel kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ is the ultimate for those that want the power of E85 but without the hassle of always having to find an E85 Fuel station.

    This will allow all current users on the EcuTek tunes to upgrade their vehicle to run Ethanol is a mixed content with gasoline. You no longer have to worry about how much fuel is left in the tank when you want to switch from gas to ethanol or the other way around. Now your vehicle will always run at optimal timing and fuel content changes. And the best part is consistent cranking no matter how much ethanol is in the fuel system. No more going back to gasoline when witer hits. Also you wont have to worry about the local stations ethanol content when pumping gas anymore.

    Kit Contents:
    Adaptive fuel lines
    EcuTek Adanvaced Flex Fuel Maps
    Complete Instructions
    Ethanol Content Sensor & Mount
    Zeitronix Content Analyzer
    Plug-N-Play Wire Harness
    FA20CLUB Great Service

    Scion FR-S Flex Fuel Kit with ECU wire harness
    Scion FRS Flex Fuel Kit with ECU wire harness
    Subaru BRZ Flex Fuel Kit with ECU wire harness
    Toyota GT86 Flex Fuel Kit with ECU wire harness
    " Here you can see the test with our Vortech Based Flex Fuel Map. Tables we setup into our custom Map. The sensor reported a ethanol content of E60 car was tested with the 12psi pulley. As you can see the power went up progressively throughout the test as the ethanol was able to mix into the preexisting pump gas in the tank. "