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  • Which LSD?

    Hey guys,

    Im shopping for a new LSD right now, my VLSD craps out too much for my taste. My setup for this season will by stock KA with generic 6 puck clutch set and a nice sexy LSD.

    I need something that will lock up well. Anyone know where I can find comparisons between all the clutch style LSDs?

    Im looking into a Kaaz, Tomei or OS Geiken right now.

    Any suggestions>

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    lol strange.... didnt see this post must have been posted around the same time. im also looking for a good LSD for my S13/240


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      ever heard of the deft force lsd?
      ive only heard stuff never acctualy seen or experienced it in action (to my knowledge)
      but its made just for drift and ive been told by everyone who knows that its realy aggressive and locks up real quick

      me im gettin a kaaz unit, i havent heard anything abotu the tomei or os geiken units sorry


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        I heard the Kaaz units are not that true?


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          yeah im in the same boat looking for stuff for my s23 now too man am i glad to finally get this car i was thinking since im such a poor slob i was kinda leaning towards a phantom grip. My dad can explain clearly how they work but i cant. i have seen a few in some VW Jettas and they seem to work pretty well and they are like 300 bucks versus 600-100 for a regular lsd

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            ughh.. what do you mean bey "expandable" ??

            you mean change a 1way into a 2way??

            Cusco offers that ability..


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              some say the phantom grip is just that, not there. I guess its pretty good for straight lines, but in a corner, they just don't work, but thats just what i hear, never had one, but wont get one either.


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                i guess if you mean you cant tune it your way off
                you can rearange the disks till your blue in the face its just tedious....


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                  Ya...I mean adding more discs for lockup. Tomei does right?


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                    heres a cheap solution...weld the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*er lock your stock diff and u will be good to go!


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                      i currently have a vlsd from a 240sx. now i'm ready for an upgrade. does anyone have phantomgrip lsd and drifted with it? how does it feel? is it any good? thx


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                        Of course welding your diff will lock it up, But do you think this is the best for every day driving as well. Why not get a spool there only a few hundred. Do you now that during regular street driving you need one side to give this is for a reason. One tire wear. Two inner and outer axle berrings. The loads placed on them with a fully locked diff will lead to them failing as well as your ring and pinion. This puts thrust on the ring when you turn the corner in conjunction pushes on your berrings causing harmfull loads. And what would you do if this blew up at highway speeds do you think you could react and drift out of it. Be safe and always use correct methods when repairing or replacing chassis and drivetrain components. You might save a life.

                        All Kazz diffs are tunable you can also upgrade a 1.5 to a 2 way they make a kit specific for it. I havent messed with a Cusco or Nizmo yet but they are relativly simular and adjustable.


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                          Yea Get a KAZZ
                          When I got 800 to spend I'll get one for my TURBO II