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Tech quiz revisited

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  • Tech quiz revisited

    1. What does "Staged" turbos mean?

    2. What's the difference between AWD and 4wd?

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    there really isnt a difference between AWD and 4wd. However in practice AWD usualy refers to automobiles, Ususaly full time AWD with some kind of open or LSD in the middle of the two drive trains. where has 4wheel drive tends to be engaged by a cluch or a kind of locking differential. Usualy you see this in pickups and off road vehichles.

    As for stagged turbos does that mean sequential turbos? where you have one turbo turn on then another, like the FD or the Skyline? unlike the true twin turbo systems like on a v style engine.


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      Staged turbos are when two turbochargers are set up in a line, with one spooling the other. This helps when you would like to run a huge t88 (such as on a supra), but dont want to wait for the turbo to spool at 5000 rpm, so you use a small t25 or something to spool the 88.


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        otherwise known as sequential turbos? Like what they used on the stock FD?


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          Four-wheel drive=a type of drive system where the front wheels are connected to its own axles and differential and both back wheels are connected to its own axles and differential.With part time 4wd there is a transfer case but i wont go into that.

          All-wheel drive=A type of 4wd made to enhance on-road traction for high performance.It reduces wheel slippage and provides greater feel for the driver, better control.AWD also doesn't require the driver to engage the system.Basically, AWD is the ON-ROAD variant of 4WD.