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  • tech quiz 2 ...question

    I have a question for you guys. So what would ms be in regards to the tps. milliseconds. I have an hks super afr and the response function can adjust this, but i dont know how to adjust this setting. ???

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    well, I dunno if this applies, but in my car the TPS is the throttle position sensor. I dont know what ms is, but I'm guessing milliseconds. So the adjustment might change how often the TPS sensor reports the throttle position to the ECM in milliseconds. Increase how often the TPS sensor reports the data and throttle position is probably more accurate. Just a guess ...


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      Crazy hit it. You can adjust how many times per I think as well but yea its throtle position sensor and data reteival in milli seconds. Most cars just mesure the voltage like you have a three wire one is positive 5 volt one is ground and the other is your variadable from like idle is say .5 and WOT is 5 volt so what the voltage is is what percent the throtle is open. this is checked at a set interval say x times per y amount of voltage. because the value isnt a constant it can get the data z amount per ms


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        well this seems to be about what hks said, just a bit more detail. thanks. I adjusted to 10%, and my problems have gotten better. if i go higher than this, the thr is funny, and when boosting through gears, the car wont accept the thr input properly.

        my main problem is that at a small amout of throttle, and the car is boosting, if i let the car "catch up" without additional thr, the car will start to buck. for example, 3rd or 4th gear, hit the gas, then back off a little lets say to control speed etc... but not all the way, just most of the way, the car wants to buck. ex#2 while drifting, and lets say high rev, if i back off for control, its fine, up untill the point where the thr plate is almost closed, then more bucking. Any pointers?