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  • the beauty of a kouki

    ok i went out tonight (wednesday) and i found an S14 Kouki Q's for sale right off post. Perfect condition, SR20DE, manual tranny, clean interior. It was selling for 350,000 yen or rougly 3,400 dollars...i was just wondering as the asian i much work would it be to slap a turbo on there and how what would i have to do? alright any help would be appreciated. An s14 k's would go for rougly 6,000-8,000 dollars...and i dont wanna waste that much. As a part time lifeguard, i dont really roll in teh dough

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    I really hope it's in PRISTINE can find better cars for much cheaper on Yahoo Auctions Japan. You should be able to get a decent S14 for under 1G. If it's over 4G's and an NA..well..kind of steep for Japan. In the US that would be cheap..but not over there. It's as easy as swapping motor/mission/ecu's..don't throw a turbine on the'll blow it in no time. Just pick up a motor..also can be found on YAJ for relatively cheap..that is unless you don't find a turbo S14 on there to begin with for a decent price.


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      buuut you're not here in kanagawa where prices are soaring high for everything. S13 Q's 1.8liter=1,300 dollars. You will never beable to find a good S14 for under 1G here...TRUST ME. It would probably be just a rolling body. s14 kouki=6k-8k....unless i go to iwakuni AKA 14 hours away....3.5k is REALLY cheap. haha dude...ship a 1,000 dollar S14 to my door and ill give you a tootsie roll pop

      edit: ok emphasize <b>NEVER</b> in the third sentence


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        Dude, Kanagawa is FULL of hot cars. Anything stock will sell for WAY less than that.
        Here's a Q's in Kanagawa (Yokohama) for less than 2K
        6-8k will buy you this N/A S15 ... also in Kanagawa..
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          what the hell? S13 k's around here are 2-3k...and ive never seen an s14 q's kouki (later version) for under 3.5k....gotta go to yoko to the hama then...are you sure that s14 will run? well if im wrong i apologize to booztt


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            oh bump this up...i just looked at the two cars...the S15 is auto...s14 is a ZENKI auto...i was talkin about a kouki manual tranny


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              Well, I dunno guy. You COULD buy a Q's and put on a turbo, BUT if you are planning to take part in the more fun aspects of driving it's gonna blow up sooner or later. ... just get a K's or start with an S13 K's and move up later... a K's is solid and you won't blow it up unless you do something wrong.