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  • Starion suspension

    help!! i have a built motor, drivetrain, i've stripped the car of everything it doesnt need to run... but i need suspension...
    is there anyone who knows where i might be able to get a drift oriented suspension for a starion???

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    Yes Sir,

    StarQuest_Power S&M


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      that stuff is ok. i am lookin for more of a race style set up something with real adjustability like the tien stuff for the 180sx. plus you dont have any choice on spring rate or any swaybar options, like an adjustable sway bar or anything


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        Slow down and look at the adjustable struts again. Thats the closest you will get to tien. Remember, This is a starion not a 180sx. we dont have the aftermarket support like that. If you get the struts without the springs you can get ground controls for much more with an option in spring rates. still cheaper than the tiens.
        Youll find the ground controls and swaybars here.
        Midwest Turbo
        Hope this helps.


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          are u familiar with that suspension set up? i mean from what i understood it was an adapted mr2 set up but i thought that it was using factory adjustable guts in it....
          i dont know much about that set up. i would be happy with some koni adjustables and drop springs if i could find some stiff *Censored**Censored**Censored* drop springs. like 25% stiffer rear and 15% stiffer front would do the trick i think... what do you think?


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            All that kit does is make it so we can use any strut available for mr2's. So you buy those casings and then any mr2 insert will go into them. Just go to that site and email art. hell give you all the info you need.
            Heres probably all the info youll need.


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              oh ok thats cool, i had thought that it used our guts in an mr2 shell. my bad i got it backwards, thanks for clearing that up it makes alot more sense now....


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                yeah, arts suspension is dope, (the custom ones that use the mr2 struts) the downside is lack of spring rates (450lbs front, 350lbs rear, which is sorta soft for a car as heavy as a starion)

                a low buck solution is to have your stock struts rebuilt with SAE 10 oil (some guy one the board was doing it for $50) it'll make your struts MUCH stiffer. then, you can get a ground control coilover kit for the stock strut housings, and that'll give you more spring rate options.

                I'm running the 8way adjustible TSI struts (maybe by KYB) with stock springs. its not low by any means, but, it's streetable.


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                  You could probably build yourself some remote resevior shocks with the right fittings and some brainded steel brake brake lines...

                  Everyone in Japan has remote resivior shocks on thir motor bikes, you could do it on your Starion.