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  • New guy here.....

    I drive a mk3 supra turbo (manual tranny of course)....going to be drift set up soon...once i rebuild my motor after a freak BHG ( blown head gasket)

    anyone here know anyone that drifts a mk3 supra???

    thanks guys!


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    BHG eh, i know how that goes....good luck man! and welcome.


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      thanks, i am doing a write up on rebuilding my motor as well for other less fortunate people in teh mark3 supra realm LOL....gotta lead the pack


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        hah while youre at it do one for my 240 k thanks. haha well good for you MK3 supra guys


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          i beleive emmission drifts a mk3 supra is very knowlagible about it and some ohter people but not sure


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            actually i am involved in 240sx's

            I just helped my fellow buddy take out his ka24 and swap in his sr20....though we didnt get to hook up the harness cause the defunked Unstable hybrids took his money and

            that was a pretty fun swap though!

            i cant wait till his car is looks pretty dang sweet! and the RSR gt2 exhaust is AWSOME...

            here is a pic and a vid of the RSR straigt piped with a Ka24

            there you go...


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              well imagestation sucks...i wont let me give ya'll a link for the movie...grrrr...well there is a bad pic...


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                looks nice, its funny how some exhaust cost more than that rsr and dont look as good, anywas yea emisson and acd i think can help


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                  so right now, there is acd and emmision....

                  wow, i guess i am a rare breed eh?

                  the reason i chose the supra was rarity, torque ( 3 liter inline 6 turbo...who can argue???) and the looks of the just says "japanese"....hahahhh

                  wait to see what mine looks like here in half a year! its going to be the badest supra mk3 you have ever seen....PERIOD...

                  I am taking off 2 semesters of college to work and save up some much needed money and am working at DELL computers in the office section YEAHS.

                  anyway...thats my current lifes story...hahaha

                  JDM supra mk3 here we come...


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                    Always nice to meet a fellow MKIII owner

                    I think I'm one of the few that bought a MKIII that didn't already have a BHG or popped it right after, going on 2 years, still fine (knocking on wood all over the house). Paid $2,000 for her hehe.

                    Theres a few guys up in Flaggstaff, Az, that drift MKIIIs, have been for a couple years now, dunno if they're on here or not.

                    Oh, beware the weight!
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                      I have the video of those arizona guys drifting their mk3's its really funny....and they have a collegue in an FC RX7 with and FD front conversion!

                      and the weight of the car.....that aint a problem...
                      i will find some heavy parts and toss them out on the highway for hobo's


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                        MKIII Supras are pretty hard to put on a diet, since the chassis itself is rather heavy, you'd be lucky to pull sub 3500 lbs as far as I've ever seen/read/heard about. The heaviest of them are 87-88 turbo targa autos sport models, they weigh in about 400 lbs heavier then their 5 spd sisters for some reason, I don't think the auto tranny could be THAT much heavier...maybe I'm mixing up my numbers...anyways my Supra weighs about 4100 lbs with a full tank and me in it.

                        Of course daily driving has my stereo and tools and extra fluids etc. in it, so that adds plenty.


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                          man, man....? hahaha

                          the supa turbo targa 5speed weighs in at 3450 i believe...the stock hood is 41lbs ( carbon is 12!) the mirrors are like 20lbs a peice ( apr carbon mirrors like 2 lbs total for both), WHEELS ( any wheel other than stock is lighter i swear!!!!) the exhaust system is like 50lbs( RSR is like 20lbs), the rear seats and rear upholstry are pretty heavy also...there was a guy on supra forum that added up all the weight of all the peices he has take out...its a 2 page print out!

                          so far the lightest mark 3 is around 2950-3000 lbs...i have researched ALOT about the is not that bad considering toyota Soarers ( lexus sc300-400), s15 silvias and such are quite heavy...the weight is the least of my worries...the Handaling is!

                 my BHG


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                            yay someone else i can get information about supras from! email me any info about it at because i am a big fan of old supras, in fact i got to see a MKIII


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                              MkII here

                              I drive a MKII Supra. My buddie drives a MkIII. All the M series engines had touchy head gaskets. Theyre strong but you cant overheat them for too long. Its hell on the turbo too. The 5m,6m,7m blocks are all very robust and can take alot of punishment, much like the 4a blocks.

                              Uneven heat transfer of iron blocks to aluminum heads is always hard on the head gasket. Use a genuine toyota molybdemum <sp> head gasket or a high end Felpro gasket kit when you rebuild.

                              My MkII has 130k mi. on it. It went through 3 headgaskets before i bought it because the idiots couldnt diagnose a cooling system problem and just took out the thermostat. I put the 4th headgasket in when i bought it. It had about a 2inch hole burned through the middle inbetween cyl 3&4. The car still hauled *Censored**Censored**Censored* with no compression in cyl 3&4 and 100lbs or less in the other 4 cyl. The head wasnt warped so I threw another head gasket in. It now has 155-160lbs compression across the board which is about factory new spec. The valvetrain is factory spec for cyl/valve leakage. A tough engine indeed....