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    quick question. when your installing strut bars onto your car, is there any specific way u havta do it? like, do u have to lift the side of the car to 'pre-load' them or anything like that?

    im just asking cause i think ive read lots of places that u do have to, but on the buildup of an s13, they say u dont have to.

    so which is right? do u have to pre load the bars or not?

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    i dont think you have to pre-load them, i didn't


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      oh, yah, i didnt either. i just wanted to check with soem other people to make sure.


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        When installing mine, I always bolt them down pretty stuffly, then after a bit of driving after they've done any settling that they will do, torque them down a bit harder (by about 5-10 lbs harder, usually to somewhere around 80 or 90).

        I'm not sure how critical this is, or it it even makes any difference, but with a well-made bar you shouldn't have to any sort of pre-loading.

        If you can get a triangular bar that mounts to the firewall as well, that will give you a more noticable boost in rigidity than a straight bar.