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better handling at minimal cost

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  • better handling at minimal cost

    hey guys..
    i been driving my 2001 miata around and drifting it..

    i want to get new suspension.., so the car rides lower and i can drift better..

    what do most people go for? does the miata have adjustable suspension already?

    what should i do?


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    Well, the cheapest thing you could do would be springs and shocks.

    You could also stiffen the car and (only about 3500lbs per degree of chassis twist, stock) add sway bars. Most people are so rushed to get suspension that they want something cheap. Save up and buy adjustable shocks and custom springs specifically for your application. Or buy coilovers.

    Go to some Miata messageboards and search. That's the easiest way. Miatas aren't common drift cars, although a few people on the boards have one.


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      springs and struts, but i would suggest coilovers. then do sway bars/strut bars and then other things to strengthen parts you will be abusing (bushing, tension rods, tie rods ect)


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        actually, the cheapest thing you could do would be sway bars. However, I would reccomend saving a bit and moving to springs and shocks. Specifically, I would reccomend Koni Adjustables, which you could find for $109 apiece, and Racing Beat "Race" springs. I have a chart which compares the spring rates of all the major brands of springs if you would be interested.

        I personally have koni adjustables with racing beat "race" springs and racing beat sway bars on my '94. The drop from stock height was just over an inch, which with the factory air dam makes driveways dangerous. It is street driven and used on autox days in the region. As it stands, with my adjustments, the handling is completely neutral, and falken azenis on the stock 11 lb aluminum wheels provide gobs of grip.

        Another decent place to spend money is on tires. Tires are probably the most important thing you could do aside from shocks.

        Installation on all of these is super easy and non-threatening.