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what puts down more power (car has 300hp from2000-4500rpms)?

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  • what puts down more power (car has 300hp from2000-4500rpms)?

    ive just got a quick question.... HAHA im just fluckin around.... but i do hav a question though: i know that slipping the clutch keeps ur revs up but if ur revs r down, is there ne situation where slipping the clutch during a drift or a corner actually puts more power down than letting the revs drop slightly (above stall level)?
    slipping the clutch bringing the revs up to 4500rpms
    not slipping the clutch at all, leaving it at 2000rpms
    slipping the clutch and putting the revs to somewhere in between
    Other (please specify in a msg)

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    slipping the clutch will just roast it.

    Try downshifting


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      better slipping your clutch, then breaking a tranny or diff


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        u will not put more power to the ground around a corner by slipping, u will only be able to control how much, for lack of tire spin. For drifting you will always want the clutch fully out unless u are shifting gears. Or doing a take off


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          What Parry said, try downshifting ^^

          If you drop below your power-band, downshift. If your gears are so tall that you can't stay in your power-band, then you desperately need a new transmission. Since your power-band is very wide, you shouldn't have this problem though. Slipping the clutch is used mostly to bypass the lower RPMs during a launch since you are starting at 0 RPM in any gear, obviously some slipping must be done or the engine will stall. Holding your speed through a corner while slipping the clutch would be difficult and VERY hard on the clutch. Slipping the clutch during a drift would usually result in sudden grip as the drivetrain slows below the engine speed which would throw you out of the corner with immense understeer.

          So the answer is, yes it's possible that it could be used effectively, but it's only the kind of thing you would do on a $100 Datsun you picked up to have fun with until it breaks.


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            i wuz just wondering i dont hav probs with my scirocco.... i wuz just wondering cuz alex said that if u allow ur tires to lose about 10% traction and now more (however that works,:S if ur braking and ur wheel skid any amount they will lock almost instantly) and i wuz wondering if the same applied to the clutch.. btw everyone i specified that i didn't want to learn about the power band... i dont car about that, i downshift at that point