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ABS and LSD aren't compatible?

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  • ABS and LSD aren't compatible?

    I was building a car online and found out LSD and ABS aren't compatibe (correct me if i'm wrong). I'm just wondering why it's so, and if i can't get both for my FR, which is more worthwhile? thx.

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    Why wouldn't it be possible. I would like to know why it is inpossible first.


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      My 1990 TURBO II comes with ABS and A LSD(limitedSlipDiff)

      Why wouldnt it work>??

      Well and why would U want ABS?
      Im removing mines

      1\2 way done already..


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        Thats what im sayin


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          b/c i can't get a IS with LSD and ABS from the factory, and my friend said is's can't have them both, so.. yeah.


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            I don't think your friend knows wtf he's talking about. But an LSD is far more important. In fact, I've disabled my ABS because it feels unnatural. Plus controlling brake lock is fun on the track XP


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              Sh!t he aint my friend. I agree with the LSD


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                ABS VS. LSD

                I say ABS is GREAT on Rainy Days

                But lsd is Great on the track or for drifting.

                But if u never drive the car to its limits just go with open diff and no abs u don't need either.. lol


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                  sorry for being stupid, but what's open diff. and how is it different from lsd.


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                    correct me if im wrong

                    an open diff is where both wheels are spinning at the same speed at all times (i hope im right), vs an lsd which is there to allow a slipping wheel and a gripped wheel to operate at different speeds so that youre not just spinning both tires. for example. say your left rear wheel is on an ice slick, but your right rear wheel is on dry pavement. if you have an open diff, you will apply the accelerator, but because the icy wheel slips, so will the regular one. but if you have an lsd, the icy wheel will keep spinning, but it wont make the right one spin, allowing you to break free of the ice. i hope that helps, and if im wrong about any of this, please correct me.


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                      Actually, open dif is. Lets say you do a burnout with an open dif, one wheel will burn out and one wheel will stay still. An LSD makes it so both wheels would burn out.


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                        wut site were u building a car on ?

                        oh i dont see why it wouldnt work...


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                          yeah, id like to know of a site i can build a car on. ive been looking for one. how is it?


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                            Originally posted by 180sx2nr8u
                            yeah, id like to know of a site i can build a car on. ive been looking for one. how is it?

                            lol wha? i meant for the is300 site. i don't know of a site that lets you build ne car u want. (unless it's a video game 8-) ).

                            also, so stock cars w/o LSD or Open diff. spin ...both tires at once? so what would be the difference from getting the one that has both spinning the same, and a stock car?


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                              shameless plug for the site but honestly, on LSDs visit this thread.

                              Also video games and online sites like that arent a great way to learn about cars. Your buddy is probably the same guy who says he wants a "stage 2 turbo" or "Na tune up"