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New Radiator a must?

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  • New Radiator a must?

    I already searched this so dont post the lil search button on the next reply! lol
    Do I have to Get a special radiator for my sr20 (from koyo or what not...or maybe even Yashio Factory! loljk) or can I just use my Stock form the KA?

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    I would get some sort of all aluminum one for safety sake


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      If you often get stuck in traffic or go to track days, then I'd say get a Koyo. Don't pay more than $350 for one, though.


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        the ka radator isnt really designed for a high heat motor (turbo). i would upgrade the radiator.


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          I'll make you An aftermarket radiaror bigger than anything out there for
          All aluminum


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            Glad you asked

   search performance radiators . for 289 bucks i picked up a duel flow aluminum race radiator 19"x28"x 2 3/4" work better then sparco or fluidyne , duel flow means the coolant circulates twice through the cores before going back to the block.
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              bleh, you can keep your stock sr radiator. think about it, people use that same radiator in japan and ever feel one of their summers? it'll be fine unless you upgrade to fmic which you'll need more cooling surface area because of the flow your fmic'll kill off going to the radiator, or if you've upgraded your turbo. The stock KA one is about the same size as the oem sr radiator, a little thinner but not much thinner. I personally went with a 2 core koyo, almost with a greddy but that's cuz I've switched to Evan's coolant and didn't want to buy more of that stuff (mui expensive) so just upgraded/replaced everything with new stuff. Otherwise my cooling system would still be stock.