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    Are l28et motors good. i like it because it is a straight six and is it a good swap into a 240. I kinda don't want to swap a sr20det because it is a little to expensive to start with. someone told me i can get one for about 900 bucks is this true??? Are there any other good motors out there, I perfer a six cylinder.

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    what kinda car do you want to swap this into? 240sx or a 240z?


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      Im am looking for a 240z but probaly a 240 sx


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        Get what for 900 bucks? If you're talking about a Z, you can find one for $400.


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          acd hes talking about getting a l28et for $900. if YOU are talking about the z (car), how in the hell do you find a clear title for $400???


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            ya want to put a L28 in a 240sx?? why the fcuk would you want to do that? the engine would be almost twice as old as the car!


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              I have a good L28 engine... (not turbo)
              but I have triple carbs and a great 5-speed transmission from an 1983 280ZX and a new clutch.

              I'll sell it to you if your interested


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                actually just to let you know...
                if you plan on squeezing a straight 6 engine...
                with 2.8L and a SOHC....

                you are gonna have one hell of a time squeezing that into an 240SX... any Z is direct bolt on (well S30, S31)

                Wanna good straight 6?
                RB20DE or RB25DET or even an RB26DETT all Skyline motors


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                  how much are you thinkin about sellin that motor and tranny for?
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                    Wanna good straight 6?
                    RB20DE or RB25DET or even an RB26DETT all Skyline motors
                    How much do you think that would cost and how hard it would be to drop it in????? Also how much power does it have to the wheels???


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                      On average.. you can do a RB25DET swap for about $9,000 for everything. Engine... tranny.. custom fabrication.. custom exhuast... working instruments.. etc.

                      It will be about $5,000 for the L28eT... it's all in the custom mounts.. and working insturments and piping and plumbing and electronics and on and on and on...

                      RB26DETT will put about 280HP to the wheels.... if done right. (The engine has 280hp stock) but with exhuast and some minor tweaks.. you can get 280HP to the wheels easily.

                      That engine? I don't care.... like $150 for the engine and tranny.