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mazda LSD what do you recomend

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  • mazda LSD what do you recomend

    I bought fc3 for $500 and it has some balls any way, drivers of an rx7 what kind of lsd would you recomend for the low $

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    if its NA then a S4 rear out of a GXL is the best bang for the buck


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      Torsen LSD's roxors all mazda drivers SOxors


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        Sounds like an NA.
        NA's have very little aftermarket LSD options.
        Good luck.


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          What about for Miatas? 1.6 specifically. I've heard of FC diffs being used in them. What I'm asking is is there any cheaper alternative for a clutch type diff than a $800 KAAZ LSD?


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            What about miatas with the 1.8? Kaaz, Cusco, Tomei?


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              Originally posted by Nemesis
              Torsen LSD's roxors all mazda drivers SOxors
              Im not a fan of gear type LSDs, ive had to many friends blow them up on track days...


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                Mazda speed $649

                should have one for the FC since there the same...


                any roadster questions PM me any time i can track down anything.


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                  learn to drive car first before you put lsd, its kinda like taking out the abs out so you dont have to rely on it. itll help you out more in the future.


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                    I prefer the Torsen or gear-type LSD for the beginner drifter.
                    This types of LSD has very little maintenance, as opposed to the clutch-type LSD.
                    The clutch-type LSD needs to be rebuild depending on use and abuse.
                    The downside is that it cannot handle as much (torque) load as clutch-type LSD's.
                    In grip driving, the Torsen is the preferred type of LSD.

                    The Torsen has the most linear rate of lock-up.
                    The more it slips, the more it tries to lock-up.
                    This is good for beginning drifters, as it locks up the left and right wheels but in a progressive manner.

                    Clutch-type LSD's has basically two stages in locking up.
                    Prior to the clutch packs engaging, both wheels spin easily of each other.
                    Once you hit the lock-up point, it aggressively locks up.
                    If you're familiar with it's lock-up point, this is not a problem.
                    It can be unnerving for beginners trying to learn.