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Help Removing 89 240sx Fender

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  • Help Removing 89 240sx Fender

    can anyone help me my fender was hit a year ago and now i got one from the junkyard dang its black and my cars white well i just got it yesterday and now me and my friend removed most of the screws and bolts one inside of the door, then some next to the wheel and then the ones in a line under the hood. it still wont budge like the bottom left side next to the door i removed the bolts under the fender i had to jack up the car this is the passenger front side so if anyone can help me thanks

    also does anyone have a picture of the strut bar that comes on stock 180's i think my friend is gunna get me one

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    There are 2 near the door. One you get from the door open at the top, the other's at the bottom you get from inside the fender well. There are the obvious bolts under the hood, then the 5 or 6 nuts holding the bumper to the fender, then one last one behind the bumper right at the point of the front of the fender.


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      im going to do mine tomarrow so if you havent got it ill post how to


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        in order to take off the fender, you'll need to take the bumper off. once the bumper is removed, remove the shroud around the wheel. theres bolts along the top that you can clearly see once the hood is opened. then theres 2 bolts under the fender by the door, you cant miss them if your car is on a jack. then theres 2 more bolts in the middle that can only be reached by having the door open. open the door and grab a socket wrench and get an extension. theres one on top that is easy to get to, then theres one under that one that is kind of hard to reach. i think those are all the bolts ...once they are removed the fender should be easy to take off.


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          i found like 5 bolts on a screw connected to the front bumper me and my friend couldnt get them to budge my car is so rusty those were the only ones left we tried wd40 nothing anyone know anything else and i stripped alot of bolts wat kind do u buy i went to autozone they didnt have any or they were alenwrenched ones