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JDM Buddyclub Seat, Opinions???

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  • JDM Buddyclub Seat, Opinions???

    Has anyone used or is a current owner of a Buddyclub racing seat??? Any opinions are welcome, I might want to buy one but I want to be sure it won't suck.

    Note: I am 5'10" weight 230LBS and have a muscular build so for those who are way below this don't bother replying. It's more for the "Big Guys" on the board.

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    I've heard they'd be tight on someone with your build. Not "hold-you-in-your-place" tight, but "help-my-ribcage-is-slowly-collapsing" tight.

    Not to mention they haven't undergone FIA homologation, so who knows how strong they are.


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      That's what's wierd about some of the Japanese seats, they're just pimpin' seats, not true race seats. I'd rather have my Sparco Roadsters over some Bride's or BuddyClub. All you're getting is the name.

      Also, true JDM seats are much narrow than the round-eye versions.

      What car do you want to put seats in?


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        They are supposed to go into my JDM S13 Silvia. If you have an alternate suggestion plz feel free to voice it.


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          you wont fit. There for people like 180 and under. I'm 200 and 6'2 i can't fit at all.


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            what do you suggest then?

            How about 350Z seats???
            Think those might fit both me and the car???


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              Well, what do you want in a seat? I have a buyer's guide right here next to me... so just tell me what you want and I'll find you appropriate seats.


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                for a man of your build i would suggest the sparco EVOII its made for us big guys its taller than the evoI and wider they even have a evo III for you lard asses . Plus sparco is FIA certified which is great bonus. there more expensive than the Buddy club by a lot but i gaurante that you will be in total dis comfor in that thing. Get the evo


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                  How about a Torino??? I need something streetable.


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                    Seats that might fit: Sparco Monza, Torino 2. Both are TUV-homologated.


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                      from what i know buddy club only makes a bucket seat unless they make a reclinable. The torino and morino hold like crap and with my 36 inch waist i sit on the side bolsters. If you want some thing to hold you get a evo II very very street able it will actualy correct your back postion and make it easier to drive for hours on end.

                      slouching in your seat does nothing but ruin your back.


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                        Honestly, if you're looking for a racing bucket but have a waist larger than 34", go on a diet.

                        Only reclinable seats will help you win the war on comfort if you're big.


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                          Originally posted by GRiDRaceTech
                          Honestly, if you're looking for a racing bucket but have a waist larger than 34", go on a diet.

                          Only reclinable seats will help you win the war on comfort if you're big.

                          man the EVO II is huge so is the forza II i've sat in a forza and i'm 36-38 waiste and swam around in those.


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                            E-mailed Buddyclub myselfl about this issue, here the outcome:

                            From: xxx
                            Subject: Product Inquiry

                            Hello, i was considering purchasing one of your brand's racing seats for use in by Drift car. The issue has come up where as I believe my stature will not allow me to fit in the seat properly. JDM seats are generally designed for your average Japanese male (150-180lbs & 5'2"-5'8") but I am not (230lbs 5'10" with a rather "muscular" frame) so my concern is that I will be squeezed-in like a proverbial sardine in a tin can. Please let me know you thoughts on this, I would appreciate it greatly.

                            Best Regards,


                            From: "Art"> Add to Address Book
                            Subject: Buddy Club USA
                            Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:30:12 -0700

                            Actually since you are a drifter, if you know Vaughn Gittin from Team Falken you would know that he is not exactly small either. We sponsor his falken s13 with our wheels and seats. It takes about a week or two of sitting in them for them to conform to your body structure, but they will fit you. I know that it seems kinda impossible but take my example of Vaughn for instance. Anyways, if you need anything else please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

                            Art Viado

                            Buddy Club USA

                            (909) 923-9188 ext.115

                            Original e-mail Response e-mail


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                              go for it all i know with my hipps i can't even get into the seat.

                              oh and you think there going to tell you not to buy there cd. Yeah i think not. If your a small build on the bottom you will fit but if your like and have a big lower body wont happen.