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what would be the best drifting motor for and ae86?

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    why go turbo when you can run an NA engine with cam, valve, piston, ecu, and upgrades? or what do you guys think? i know used turbo is about the same as new NA upgrades so let me know.


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      Originally posted by domesticDRFT
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      Keep it Real,Real out of control
      Dang, hostility on a BBS from an anonomys user... SUPRISE!
      I am not going to get drawn into some crap about how metrosexual my car is and how metrosexual my lic. plate is... if you think those are metrosexual you should see my 3rd brake light that is all hearts. My sig pertains to the fact that I am a tech inspector. Way to stick on topic...

      Speaking of on topic, it wouldn't be that easy to just replace the supercharger with a turbo and if you were going to turbo a motor I would pick a different one than the 4agze. I'm not a corolla guy but I think it would be harder to make the supercharged motor turbo than make the 4age motor turbo and if I am not mistaken you can put a decent amount of boost into the 4age motor without changing internals.

      It takes a lot of NA mods to get the same numbers as slapping on a turbo and the mods are usually much more involved. I want to build an NA motor for fun. I think I am going to do a KA though... just because I have 2 of them to screw with.
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