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Infamous Tuesday night Pipline meet

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  • Infamous Tuesday night Pipline meet

    Just wondering if any of the guys on here know about the Tuesday night pipeline meets? It's basically a small pizza shop next to Super Autotoyz (Super Autobacs) off of the 22 freeway and beach blvd.

    The meet starts at about 9PM every Tuesday night. It's mainly an S-Chassis meet, but we welcome anyone. Theres been a few rx7's that have showed up besides all the s13's and s14's, even s15's. We've also had a couple skylines/GTR randomly appear as well.

    Anyways, a lot of the time we just talk have a good time, watch a movie inside the pizza shop, eat some really good food (Tacos for super cheap, pizza, omlets, etc.)

    So come out an check it out every Tuesday night, rain or shine! No revving, drifting, burnouts, or stupid people. We are very lay back genuine group. Most of us are not Honda/Acura friendly because of past happenings (revving, burnout, speeding through parking lot), you will have a scooter thrown at your car if you do anything stupid.

    Here is the link to the thread on Zilvia, the origin of the meet, as many others every night.