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Top American drift cars?

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  • Top American drift cars?

    Hey, I'm new to drifting and I was wondering what the top American drift cars are. Just to get a idea of all the choices there are out there.

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    WELCOME TO THE BOARD-my best friend.
    Whats up, M I will say (dont wanna give your name away if you dont want.) Um, probably the new Mustang. But I still think you should get that miata you were looking at, it is sweet. And that one at that event today!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEWWWWOOOOO!!!


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      the list!

      1. Mustang(any)
      2. Camero
      3. Firebird
      4. Saturn Ion redline
      5. Crossfire
      ---*COUGH* get MIATA *COUGH*


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        Thanks M! You gave me a nice selection. I'll be looking at these cars and see which I like best. You should have just told me on AIM though!


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          Naw I need my post count up.


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            Ion redline???? nice cars but I would get one to drift I det one of the F-body twins

            say what do you know I have one!


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              Re: the list!

              Originally posted by DRIFTER-M
              1. Mustang(any)
              2. Camero
              3. Firebird
              4. Saturn Ion redline
              5. Crossfire
              ---*COUGH* get MIATA *COUGH*
              Worst list ever. You're clueless

              Here's a reasonable list...

              1. third gen camaro
              2. fox body mustang
              3. chevette, be like soultron
              4. who cares, everything else I can think of off the top of my head costs a fortune and those are cheap, easy to find, and easy to modify.


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                yea, that first list was crap.

                any camaro or mustang will do really as you can find them relatively cheap and aftermarket parts are easy and cheap to come by.


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                  I think the 93-97 lt1 powered 4thgen f-body would be a better choice unless you like the styling of the third gen(82-92)

                  I don't like fords but the mustang will be the best bang for your buck they can be built for a lot less than any f-body


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                    People I know this guy in real life, he knows I am just playing around. Also I don't know much about american cars so I could not have told you what to get.
                    Parry you said "worst list ever your clueless"
                    yes dealing with American Cars I sorta am
                    Raging panda- you say "yea, that first list was crap.

                    any camaro or mustang will do really as you can find them relatively cheap and aftermarket parts are easy and cheap to come by."
                    you say any mustang-which I have on my list MUSTANG(ANY), or any camero WHICH IS ALSO ON MY LIST. No flamming war is intended as I was just joking around with my friend(DisturbedDriver). Anyway I am sure he will take everyones opinions. Later.
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                      you also named a saturn, which won't become a good drifter due to it being fwd, and the crossfire is going to cost a lot of money so if you wreck it youre screwed. It's not a good choice for drifting unless youre sponsored or something. I dont want to flame or anything, it was just a really bad list, if you want a good drifter to start with and you want domestic, get a fox body mustang or a 80-90s camaro. Good job on naming those btw


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                        Here's a list of affordable domestic drift projects, along with the pro's, cons, and ballpark prices of each.

                        1. '84-'96 C4 Corvette
                        Pros--Great sports cars. They have as much or more power than a 5.0 or F-Body, but handle alot better due to their advanced 4-wheel independent supsension, engine setback, and lower cg. They're very aerodynamic as well.
                        Cons-parts are more expensive than your typical Fox-Body or 3rd gen, aftermarket isn't as big. But you'll go faster.
                        What to buy: The later 300hp LT1 cars are around 8-10 grand, but the earlier cars are about 5-6k due to their lower powered 350 (still over 200hp though).

                        2. 89-93 Fox Body Mustangs aka 5.0
                        Pros--Theyr'e light, fast, available, and cheap, plus they've got alot of power out of the box. Making one go fast is as easy as opening up your Summit catalog and writing a check. When built right, these cars can smoke Porsche's and Ferrari's on a road course for alot less money.
                        Cons--The big downside of these guys is handling. They were notorious for snap oversteering and chassis flex, but a good set of rear control arms and subframe connectors will help that immensely (around 600 bucks total).
                        What to buy: '89-'93 cars, because they have mass-air sensors. (88 and 87 cars have speed density which is harder to tune). You should be able to easily find a good one for under 4500 bucks.
                        Note: Fairmonts, Thunderbird up to '88, and Lincoln Mark 7's also use this chassis, and aren't much heavier than the 5.0's are, but they may be cheaper on insurance.

                        3. Third-Gen F-Body(early 80's-92) Camaros and Firebirds.
                        Pros--Like the 5.0, they're cheap and available, about the same price as a 5.0. They handle just as good without the snap oversteer that a Mustang has.
                        Cons--They aren't nearly as fast as the 'Stangs are. You will pay more to go faster compared to a 5.0. The aftermarket isn't quite as large as that of the 5.0, but there's plenty of parts out there.
                        What to buy--Get a later model with the fuel-injected L98 350. It has 200hp. Also, I belive the Z28, Iroc, and Formula's had a better suspension and brakes than the standard v8 cars. The V6 and 305 V8 cars are slow.

                        4. 4th Gen F-Body (80's Camaro Z28 and Firebird Formula).
                        Pros--Very fast and handle great. Will smoke a stock Mustang GT outta the box. Makes loads of power from the stock motors, and both LT1's and LS1's can make as much or more power as the mighty RB26. Plenty of aftermarket support.
                        Cons--price, plus the motors are set back under the cowl, so they're a hard to work on. Speed parts for the LS1 are expensive, but it can make 500bhp without breaking a sweat.
                        What to buy--I'd suggest an LT1 285 hp car because speed parts for the 350 are alot less expensive than those for LS1 cars, and the LT1 is easier to work on than the LS1.

                        5. '99-03' SN95 (modified Fox chassis) Mustang GT.
                        Pros--can keep up with the 4th Gen F-Bodies, share from the same huge aftermarket that the 5.0 has, and handle as well as the 4th Gen F-Bodies. (they have 2 extra shocks to tame the snap ovesteer). The 4.6 makes alot more power, is more reliable, much smoother, and gets better mileage than the 302. 99'-03' models had traction control.
                        Cons--Like the 4th gen F-Bodies, these cars have more advanced engines that are harder to work on than their older coutnerparts, and speed parts for the 4.6 are higher than those for a 302.
                        What to buy--Get a 99 GT if you have the cash. If you want to save some, you can get a '94-'98 V8 for a little more than a Fox body. The '94-98's handle better than the Fox-bodies, but not as good as the '99-03's. They will be slower in a straight line than the Fox Bodies or '99-'03's. Some have reccomended the '94-'95's for autox because they make more torque than a 4.6 but have the better handling than the Fox cars. Avoid V6's: they had headgastket problems.


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                          Thanks for the new selection of cars. I'll be looking at the new list now lol!


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                            L98(350) thirdgen had 220-245 hp the best third gen to get wounl be the 88-92 formula LB9(305) with the G92 package came with 5-speed posi(LSD) duel cats witch up HP to 220 and its the lightest

                            LT1 cars are no easier to work on than an LS1 and parts are just about the same price

                            I would never buy a corvette unless its a C5, C4 had reliability problems just like the vettes before them plus everything about the corvette cost $$$$

                            best bet would be a fox body or a 88-97 camaro


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                              you also named a saturn, which won't become a good drifter due to it being fwd,
                              Saturn Ion Redline is AWD not FWD.
                              But-M- I think you should get that car you know what its called MIATA.