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SCAM WARNING s13.5 conversion kit and sr20 for sale

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  • SCAM WARNING s13.5 conversion kit and sr20 for sale

    i am having a kid and so need a bigger place. project and toys must go. sad but true this local pick up is ok and will ship. help me out. email me at if interested
    located in midwest ohio valley area


    s15 conversion(lights, hood, fenders, bumper) $900 shipped
    JIC 2's coilovers suspension 25k miles great shape $600 shipped
    greddy fmic with piping for sr20 $400 shipped
    greddy e01 boost controller unit with harness NEW $450 shipped
    sr20det engine with 80k miles runs great with t25 tubro no smoke
    pulled for new paint job, so out and ready for ship $1400 shipped
    racing hart c2 rims 17x7.5 no tires $650 shipped

    email me if interested thanks

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    hey sup??

    hey sup
    im interested on the s15 conversion
    pm me if u still have some


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      hey sup??

      still have the s15 conversion in stock??


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        i need the S15 conversion for my S14

        hey i was wondering about the S15 conversion kit. because i was looking for one . i have a 95' 240sx S14. and looking for the conversion. if possible can u repost or contact me about the Kit?

        Thank You.


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          This is a scam...

          This same person scammed me when I tried to buy the sr through Western Union. PM me for details or if you have any information on this guy.



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            You know this type of $h!t sucks,that people come into the community to try and rip off fellow car guys,I wonder if this is the same person with that other BS post


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              This is the same dude.

              He has tons of these types of posts. He has been scamming people since 2004 like this and has never been caught. I would like as much information about this guy as possible. He has several posts on this site, the one about the wrecked s14, another about an sr and s13.5 conversion, the one about the ca and ka, and antoher about an rb25det. Please help me get this guy. PM me any info as I am have an open case on him with the FBI.



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                this is the same guy that tryed to scam me for a
                Ca motor. you guys should beware of not so active members.


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                  this notice should be more mainstream toss it in the buy and sell area and stuff, i mean we dont wan thtis to happen to someone else ya know


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                    Hey I'm new here, well signed up for a while just never posted. Why don't you guys just make some rules that you are not allowed to sell unless you have a cerntain amount of posts and or reputation? This would really keep people from being scamed.