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Ae86 Parts galore.

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  • Ae86 Parts galore.

    In 3 days I am going to pick up 2 GTS parts cars. I am taking both transmissions, rear axels, one gas tank, one set of clutch lines and one engine.

    The rest is up for grabs. I also have parts sitting at my house as I type this. Fenders, trunk lids, hatch lid, heads, one block, interior peices, ect ect.

    Just getting the word out there, if your looking for a hard to find part I should have it. Unless another 20 other people already contacted me about a particular part.

    A few things I won't have or sell. Transmissions, rear axels, fuel pumps, or cranks. Just because of the prone failure of these items under hard conditions.

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    can i have one of the bodies?? preferrably a hathch if there's one???


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      I dont have titles for them which is why I am using them as parts cars. One of them is in good condition while the other is in horrible condition. I dont have any shells. Too much bs to keep track of with them, and city codes.


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        Can I get the price for, the complete interior? and two front fenders??


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          Does either one have manual steering? If so, I'll buy the column and rack.

          PM me.


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            Panda: I have 2 front fenders, red, little damage from a Zenki GTS. GTS or SR5 interior? I have most of a Blue GTS interior, and parts from Black, Brown SR5 interiors..

            The fenders still have the mud flaps, havent been spraypainted, or primerd. If you want them, PM me or something.

            aphxero: If they are both manual racked, then we will be both jumping up and down in delight.


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              Also, do you have any 86-87 tail lights for hatchback? I also need a sunroof panel. Any of this stuff please PM me.


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                What are you asking for the other 4AG?


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                  I need a left tail light for a HB


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                    Ok, I havent left because I cant contact the guy. I dont know what is up with him. But I hope to be leaving tommarow if he contacts me.

                    aphxero: I sold those items just recently, well the ones that I had in my garage.

                    ACDSupra7: crank, sensors and a few other things my friends are buying off of me.. and the rest is up for grabs..

                    nismo180sx: I dont know if they are hatch or not.. I will when this guy contacts me again.


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                      AE86 Parts

                      I am looking for a distributor and a crank pully for a AE86 4ag bluetop motor. if you have one email me.



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                        sidewaysae86: I have that stuff. If you don't get it from him hit me up.


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                          Update.. I talked to the guy and he is trying to get his car running so he hasnt had time to move the parts cars to his house. So it might be in Feb when I go and harvest the goodness of GTS.

                          aphxero, go ahead and contact him.. I dont have it right now.


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                            front fenders and a throttle body


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                              I have 2 red fenders but no throttle bodies on hand. send me a PM or email or somethin.