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ae86 4agze DRIFT CAR! norcal

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  • ae86 4agze DRIFT CAR! norcal

    For sale: 1986 Toyota corolla GTS. 18XXXX miles on the chassis, roughly 5k miles on the rebuilt motor. Car runs strong, boosts hard. Car was never tracked although it was intended for it. Suspension setup is PERFECT for drifting and you can break loose throughout the entire power band with the new motor. Paint is PRIMER WHITE. It looks fine but smudges easily. Seat has a tear on the left side but the seat + harness combo holds you in great. Back seats removed for the harness but I can give them to you with the car. Exhaust is loud as hell, if I would keep the car the first thing I would do is put either a hi flow cat on or a resonator. Before I got the exhaust on you could hear the supercharger whine when you stab the throttle but now all you hear is exhaust, maybe some will like that though. Here is my full modlist:

    JDM Toyota MR2 Supercharged 4AGZE engine Stage II port and polished head
    13 PSI pulley on the supercharger
    AEM cams and cam gears
    Custom header
    MSD plug wires
    Custom intercooler piping
    Mitsubishi Eclipse intercooler
    Vortech FMU
    AEM fuel regulator
    Derale electric fan
    BlackTrax/Superior Copper Kevlar Clutch

    custom front and rear strut tower braces
    custom rear pan hard bar and traction brackets
    custom 10kg front coilovers
    8kg rear coil springs
    Brembo cross-drilled rotors front and rear
    oem LSD

    Complete JDM kouki front bumper (bumper, brackets, lights)
    JDM zenki rear bumper
    JDM Redline tailights
    Rota 13" wheels
    Spearco boost gauge
    St. May engine temp gauge
    Autometer A/F ratio gauge (included but not installed)
    MoMo steering wheel
    Old recaro bucket racing seat complete with CUSTOM tear
    Oil pressure gauge (included but not installed)

    Now for the pictures:

    As I said the exhaust is quite loud as it is right now. Last week I got pulled over for it and they took pictures of my engine bay and I got sent to the state ref. As you can see my car isnít exactly street legal or able to pass smog. To avoid being sent to the state ref I have to RE-register my car as an off road vehicle and sell it like that. After you purchase the car and you want to drive it on the road you would have to get it smogged at a normal shop (which I can help you with) and then you would just have to register it normally. Now that seems like a big deal but it really isnít and it is worth the hassle I can assure you. If you do purchase the car and want to drive it on the street I would highly recommend buying a hi flow cat and getting it welded on at an exhaust shop, I can recommend a particularly good one if you like.

    Other than that the car is good, leaks a drop or two of oil so I check the oil level religiously and always carry around a bottle of oil just in case. Hmmmm, the car needs new tires pretty bad. Car has speakers in them but needs a deck. Ready to be wired up for stereo. This is a very solid car and I daily drove this car for about 6 months before getting pulled over. Since you are going to have to go through the aforementioned hassle with registering the car, I am starting the price at $6400 firm.

    Please direct ALL QUESTIONS to my email at

    The car is located in Fremont California area code 94539.


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    Why does the last pic look like it has a levin front? Did you do a levin front end conversion?


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      i had to sell the levin front end for the kouki front...


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        My kudos to you man, that is one super nice car. Too bad you are selling it, that is a treasure.

        Good luck.


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          that thing looks awesome. sucks that you have to sell it. good luck with it!

          just out of curiosity, how much did that Supercharged 4AGZE cost and what's it putting out?



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            i got a lot of parts custom made from a friend who works at a shop so im not sure of the cost. as far as power i have never dynoed it but i am estimating a good 150-170 rwhp, on a 2200 pound car its decent.


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              ya thats pretty good for an 86. man i wish i had that kinda money to buy that thing. sucks about the whole street legal thing =\


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                Re: ae86 4agze DRIFT CAR! norcal

                Originally posted by t3kn0e



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                  i am very interested in this car....will you be willing to do payments or not??plz respond back...


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                    No one wnats payments. What are you 14 or something. You remind me of myself, when i was 12.


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                      dude mind ur own bussiness no am 16


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                        December 18, 1988

                        DONT LIE!


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                          i dont want anybody coming after me or stalking me....that y i said that...