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Are the (old) Fairlady's and good drifters?

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    Yeh.. i crashed it.. and totalled it... (my ex girlfriend hit me)

    But I rebuilt it .. back to normal.


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      blah all us z31 300zx drivers always get crapped on :-\


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        300ZX's .... are.. well...

        sweet cars.. look good... but too 80's style... different engine.. and very very heavy.....

        Good cars.. but mainly when people say Z's.. or Fairlady's... usaully 1st gen or 2nd gen


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          man my cars got a bad rep :P my year z only weighs 3,050, which isn't too bad compared to the 89 240 which weighs 2700, not too bad considering its a v6 3.0 turbo.

          sure its a little on the heavy side but not "very very heavy"


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            true.. i exaggerated it...


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              Grad to hear you got your Z fixed, PrOxLaMuS. I bet it's a lot of fun driving in the snow. Just gotta be carefull of the salt on the road creating some bad rust problems. You probably knew that already though, hehe.


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                300zx all the way.


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                  I almost got a 280z 2+2, awesome car, but it had electrical problem and I think that is a major thing that wasn't talked about on this thread. Working on them around here is a b****, no one will do it but the Nissan dealer and they suck.


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                    The only problem that really persists on my Z are the U-joints on the halfshafts. They always seem like they wanna just crap out, and a few of them have. You can thank Nissan torque for that one. Electircal is tricky though, for sure.


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                      I am sure if you studied its electrical system you could fix any problems it had. It can't be that safisticated, it isn't a Cadillac.


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                        i'm with nrgdrft


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                          haha pennyman im with you on the u-joints on the half shafts i think ive broken a couple sets already now i just have spare half shafts lined with all that money i could have just bought the cv conversion


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                            what conversion is this? is it more durable? why havent i heard abut it? i dont want to ever get on the freeway, punch the gas, and have a U-joint explode under pressure again. (yes it has happened to me)


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                              yeah i guess its supposed to be more durable but go on yahoo and look up modern motorsports ltd (i didnt wanna post a link i ddint want to get in trouble or anything) but yeah they have some cool stuff like the 230 lsd swap package
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                                Originally posted by PrOxLaMuS© S30

                                240Z's are much lighter 2,300 LBS about... 2.4L engine... 4 speed manual transmission.... blah blah blah

                                260Z's have bigger heavier bumpers.. were produced for a whopping period of (1/2) a year.... 1974-1974.5...... 2.6L engine.. flat top carbs which suck... not really loved with Z fans...

                                280Z's are heavier due to the strengthening in the body... and stronger door rails to protect the driver. The bumpers were increased for safety reasons.. and increased by 30 LBS!
                                Fuel Injected very reliable... 5-speed standards available... diff. tail-lights... and rear end.

                                280ZX's are an 80's design.. boxy and ugly in my opinion.... heavy.. more luxurious and boring.... 1981-1983 the 280ZX TURBO was offered... few standards.. only automatics... 2.8L Turbo EFI.

                                For drifting? 280Z by far.... mainly do to the EFI and safety....
                                240Z is more of a straight line.. and autocross car... lots of autocross. However with Tripple Webber carbs.. you can haul some *Censored**Censored**Censored*!

                                I drift my automatic 280Z.. works fine... tranny is strong.. i can hold it longer than most of my buddies and there Supra and 240SX.. but they suck....

                                hey you were right about most things but what I am writing are a few corrections.


                                horsepower(flywheel)151bhp@5600rpm's, torque: 146lb/ft@4400rpm's, engine size:2393cc(2.4L) 146cu, weight: 2450lbs(2500lbs' w/automatic). the 240Z also had a rare 5-speed manual and it is smog exempt


                                horsepower: 165@5600rpm's, torque: 157@4400rpm's, engine size:2565cc(2.6L) 156.6cu in, weight: 2500lbs-2600lbs. not smog exempt.

                                he got the 280Z spot on. but the 280Z is crap when compared to it earlier, lighter brothers. I would buy a 240Z(and I am in a couple months) so I hope this helps.