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    I am an EMT-B so I work with alot of cops everyday, I also work in a coffee shop so again I know alot of cops, and like HasNoTiresLeft said there are the good ones and the bad ones, and sometimes it just depends on what day it is. but if you treat them with respect the chances are they will return the favor.

    I'm cutting it down to 5 lines


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        i think girls get away with it waaaay to easily but i think the hard *Censored**Censored**Censored* cops like to mess with them ahaha..... i wish i had some boobs to show off .....sheesh ......... the only cool cops are the swat teams.... ahah have any of u guys seen super troopers...lolz thats a funny movie


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          lolz the german porsche guy cracks me up


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            Stoner: "isn't the speed limit 65 officer?"
            Thorn: " is"


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              super troopers: one of the funniest movies-ALL TIME! lol.

              its funny...everyone here has a valid point. but yea...if you do something stupid, and dont get caught...good for you. if you do something stupid and do get caught, its YOUR fault. now the cop will either be cool and give you ONLY what you deserve, or, he can be a dickweed and find every little thing to write you up for.

              my personal story: i have a tacoma, and i put big tires on it. so i got pulled over and the cop writes me up for not having mud flaps, and my feders werent wide enough. I was pissed off cause i knew that fixing only one would make the other one legal. is that right to give me a ticket contaning two offenses for the same thing? plus, all those little beaner cars have thier tires sticking out of thier wheel wells well over 8" and the other lifted trucks dont have flaps either. but do i see them getting pulled over? of course not. thats the motive for my dislike towards the police. But dont get me wrong, I do respect them and understand the risk they are putting themselves in.


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                Yeah I think it's bs when they pull ya over for a loud muffler (luckily that's never happened to me and if it did I'd show him the CARB number on the part). I mean ya got all those ghetto-thumpin-rapper-wannabes with mega stereos and "tweny fo's" and they don't get pulled over. Y should some guy that actually wants to hear his motor get penalized over somebody that thumps gansta rap?


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                  THE GREAT REDEEMING!!!!

                  *Warning!! this post is not a flame of any kind, just explaining myself!*

                  i have read what everyone says, and i do agree that there are good cops and bad cops. just yesterday i had some guy not know how to use his brakes on the interstate and slammed my jeep from behind. the cop that came was very polite, not disrespctful at all, shook my hand, everything like that. so i treat him with the same respect. the cops im talking about (the ones i hate) are mostly base SP's (i go to school on the USAFA) and they wil pull you over for 1 mph over the speed limit, and are total *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* to everyone. off-base cops arent so bad, but alot of them are i seen a numerous cops put their lights on, go through a red, then go to donut shops or stuff like that....and i have even had cops pass me at like 75 in a 45, and then start running radar...thats the kind of cops i hate. like it has been said, just act chill and most cops will be nice about it......

                  thats what i have to say, and i once again appologize to anyone i offended.

                  wait, i lied, i have one last thing to say...
                  on the topic of being street illegal and telling the cops, in our state (CO) any on road suspension mods are illegal, pretty much anything under the hood too. the laws are pretty tight on us, but you can take a truck and lift it 40" and build a moster truck, and thats legal. these things i have state about whats legal and whats not are facts, not interpretations. that is what a sheriffs department officer told me were the laws, and right now my car breaks just about every rule in the book. and if a cop is trying to bust us for drifting, i am going to run, because here, drifting is an 18+ point ticket, so running isnt going to make that much worse....its still loss of liscense and car, so might as well try to get away.

                  THAT is all i have to say right now....peace out all


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                    Aww man i live in CO i didnt know that anything under the hood was illegal man we can get busted for so much.


                    • for anyone t see the cops last night with the ss roadblocks they did here would make you hate cops then again i do live in a roscoe p. coaltrain sorta town complete with boss hogg i went through a road block in my mothers 91 420 sel and the cops wanted to know where were all the drugs i was selleling to get this car were and they had a va state trooper pulled over and hassleing him for his light being out after the new guy knocked it out. oh god it was super troopers all over again the worst thing is they let the boss hogg guy through with a car full of his "ladies of the evening" and didnt even look in the car i swear i must live in hazzard county all the corrupt hillbilly crap that goes on around herethere is a few really cool cops that like to do some touge sorta stuff and they dont really care if you do it just tell them and they watch out for you but there is only 2 in the sheriffs office around here


                      • Hey even cops get tickets, I got pulled over doin 87 in 70 last night, and it was by a trooper. He saw my Beretta '40 cal in the car and aksed me about it, i told him i was with the local P.D. And he was like oh, ok and kept on writing.


                        • Funny Story about the 5-0 in Phoenix.

                          I dont know if any of you are familiar with the layout of Phoenix, AZ, but it is completely flat for the most part the only dips, twists and turns can be found on the interstates, and in suburbia, i guess they put lots of turns to make people slow down? anyways, at about 3AM on tuesday night I was heading out to a town way south and east of PHX called maricopa. you have to take the I-10 freeway pretty much all the way there. well I was on the way, and was going about 75-80 and minding my business when some rice boy actually pulled up behind me in his Primered body kit Eclipse and started flashing his brights in my headlights. I slowed down to like 50mph and the pencil neck pulled next to me and tried to get me to race him. I laughed at him and then he tried to out accelerate me, I let him get a couple of car lengths ahead and dropped my car into third, then fourth i went past him going about 100mph and held it there, shifted into fifth and watched him come up again, i punched it and watched his headlights start to get smaller. I saw cherrys and blueberrys and quickly exited off the freeway for a few minutes, stopped at Circle K to get a soda and kill about ten minutes. after a a short time I got back onto the highway and got stupid and got a nice four wheel going out by the airport, in a tunnel entrance, i slid about three lanes over and flicked my tail back over, and swerved a little bit , I checked my mirrors as I was slowing down and saw a cop, I puckered up so fast and hit my brakes and pulled over. he pulled over behind me and i rolled down my window. I dont know whose quote it was but it saved my life, he hadn't tagged me w/ radar as I entered that tunnel, and asked me what the hell happened

                          I looked at him, wide eyed and scared "I dunno, I was turning and then I just lost control for a second, thank god you're here i coulda died. It was the most amazing thing Officer. I think i need new tires. Im goin to school down here and havent had the money to get new ones. My brother put em on with the wheels before I moved down here, and I've been here a while. I didnt see metal poking out of them so i thought I was ok."

                          he looked at me for a second, then i guess he bought it, he handed me my (out of state) liscence back and said these words

                          "sorry son, I just caught some idiot back there doing over 100mph and figured you were with him, these kids all drive Jap cars so i figured you were screwing around. get some new tires on that car and slow down a little more so you dont slide out like that again."

                          "thanks officer, i will"

                          "see you at the D1 kid"


                          "nothin, get out of here..."

                          I would never condone ever doing that on public roads, (i know I condemned it earlier in the thread. and you see why, the second I did it on a public road I get pulled over.) i let my emotions get th best of me and I got stupid. but still that is my holy @#$% story for the week.
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                          • LOL He actually said See you at the D1??? Hahahah


                            • your luck CHP would of drug you to the station just on suspicion you were that guy doing 100. let alone the drifting.


                              • just gotta be more discreet.. go to middle of no-where and do your business and nobody but yo' fellow homies can know where, when and who!! ..

                                cops aren't that dumb.. well maybe...
                                had a couple of old guys in some non-descrip import walk into the local coffee shop asking for where all the street racing is going..
                                told them some place on the other side a town.. hehe

                                most racers aren't that dumb to tell just some joe blow off the street wut's up... i hope..

                                btw CHP got nutin' on the RCMP's honda... they send this thing out to take out the worst racers..

                                police and community eliminating racers.....