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  • drifting hurts

    drifting hurts... as one who drifts can only find out the hard way
    earlier tonight i colided with a curb basicaly totaling every thing that you can see in the drivers side wheel well..... we got the car back to my house around 3:15am and imjust now taking a break (its 5am) the parents dont know yet.. whatever itsnot thier car
    but man how i would liek to not be doing this tonight and having to shell out for parts instead of my once so close but now just a distant dream, lsd.......

    for those of you bordering on whether or not to go for the skills to become a drifter youd better decide before you end up with what ive got which is a big mess

    all i have left to say is that my mind is made up......

    im in.....

    look on the up side...this is a perfect chance to further my knowledge of my car, to me there are only a few things better

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    atleast you CAN go out at like 1 in the morning...i live onpost and curfew is 10:30..well gates close at 10 now...and after 10...po's are out everywhere and they replace jap po's with american's at the main gate (only way to get in after 10pm) and they check the back of everyone's ID card...and that would be bad...and po's started driving around late at night cuz of the 2f2f stuff...especially in atsugi navy base...this guy at our school got his license taken away for drifting in the school parking lot..which was dumb...he has a nice s13 k's he picked up for 50,000 yen (yup thats right, a little under 500 dollars) from a it looks awesome..and he just got his license back a few weeks ago...i love japs...damn parentals would take away my keys for like 2 days...aka like a month if they knew i was out at 2am sliding and curbing my car...if i made a story up they prolly wouldnt care...

    could u drive your car back home or have to push it? sucks that you cant buy a new lsd dude...stock or aftermarket suspension? tommorow(sunday) im goin with my mom and looking for a car...HOPEFULLY ill get it before summer..but then iw ouldnt beable to drive it til after summer cuz ill be in VA, FL, and thailand..sooo good luck with your car dude..get some pics of ur boro


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      awww im sorry! i've been there.. i feel your pain. you get out of your car and go "this cant be happening!!! this cant be real!" well think of the bright side, you did not hurt urself or anybody else and uve learned ur lesson. good luck on working ur butt off agen for another car
      RIP to your car


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        You've also learned not to drift in the streets for awhile until your skill level improves. Even Keiichi Tsuchiya started in parking lots. You can't push yourself too hard too fast. As are the rules of life in general.

        I do feel for you though, I've curbed two Focuses, which I can't say I'm particularly proud of, but then again, I blame weather factors for both incidents. But I digress, smashing up your car hurts, no matter what it is, the fact that a piece of machinery that was yours is now damaged, and it sucks. Sorry dude.

        Best of luck with the repairs!
        You've got a good outlook, you'll be great.

        Remember what Kumakubo says: "Always drift with your smile."
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          yeah i was trying to be very opptimmistic about it all which isnt hard when you look and see that, hey its fixable, so now im lookin for parts, i only had aftermarket springs but i bent the strut but the spring looks maybe after market struts?...mayeb even coilovers?

          new tension rods too

          bent the travers link so then that bent the sway bar, the brakes look fine but i might put new rotors on just for fun

          my mom was liek brandon whys my car out side?
          cause mines in the garage
          cause i hit a curb and im fixin it.
          ...oh ok.... were you drunk?
          ok well at least you werent drunk

          iwould tell you the "conversation" me and my step dad had but the moderaters would get mad

          but hey thanks for all you comments and what have you its realy uplifting


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            Whoa, you're DFW, I just noticed that.

            Hey, I'm about to pick up a dusty old 1986 primer-gray Eight-Six that's gonna need a lot of work, so hey, maybe once we get our shi- um, stuff together we should go out and hit the Lake Worth touge. You'll be teaching me though, but whatever, so long as there are working Truenos out there, it'll be a good time.

            PM me if you want to hang out sometime or something. Any AE86 expertise would be appreciated.

            - Nathan


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              That's Learning.

              Yup That's how we all learn..
              Just remember to have more than one car before you start drifting..I got a daily and a DRIFT car..Just incase..But the only time I disabled my FC was waaaaay back about 8 years ago..
              Spun out on Lake merceed blvd. in sf at 90mph.This was before they paved that road..Hit a wet spot with slicks and bam away i went into the curb at 90 on a 35 mph turn..Ever since that accident.I became that much better..Learn from ur mistakes..I'm sure everyone who ever drifted hit a curb or whatevers..Your'e not alone..It was a great learning experience yes..And you get to learn more about ur car some money and do your own work..Just get a haynes manual..That's what got me started as the home mechanic..Now I do everything from body kits to electrical systems..Well time to get a FC..=)


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                every driver gets in at least one accident where the car gets pretty messed up, in my case several. It's like a right of passage, just make sure you learn from your mistake. I replay evey accident over and over in my head untill I figure out what I did wrong, but it is a costly way to learn so, visit a track before you attempt a downhill run, I'm in parking lots for about two hours a night working on my technique, and my new tires have the tread wear to prove it. but like you said this is an opportunity to learn about cars, that how I learned. well and a litlle help from a haynes manual. JunpoweR is right, these things are great, I get one everytime I buy a car. how did you end up hitting the curb, did you brake too long and understeer into it?? or was it an out of control oversteer into a curb, those are the best. I'm sure if you ask around here, you could prolly get hooked up on some parts.


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                  i couldent find a haynes, i realy wanted a haynes cause i had one for my old 87' maxima and it was great, so i had to get a chilltons which is ok but i feel like they leave alot out
                  but yeah im doin my own work, its sittin on jack stands right now just waitin. me and my dad are headin the the junk yard tommorow lookin for soem parts, but im gonna try to get some eithe jic or cusco tension rods, and maybe soem nicer break rotors

                  i hey the curb cause i was drifting and i over steeded too much and it whipped the other way and bam into the curb (my freinds dad who showed up said i was doin a zoozie, hahaha thats what i told my parents) lol a zoozie
                  but yeah my front drivers side wheel weel is bare i mean theres nothing left, cleaned it out......


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                    I remember the first time I curbed my car. We used to play around at this place called triangles in 2002, pretty much a big two lane triangle. I think they were gonna build something there, but after they paved the road they went bankrupt or something, so now its only a road with the curbs and sidewalks hahaha. Went out with Revlimit at like 2 am and we ended up drifting untill the sun came up. Like around 4am, I was comming up on one of the turns about 35 or 40mp, feinted, it kicked out nice, but then I realized I had feinted too late and I was too wide! Doh! I ended up going through a gravel patch which made it even worse. The pass side rear tire hit the curb hard! Had the skid mark on the road, up to the curb, up the side of the curb (lol), and into the grass. When I hit, the rear of the car jumped into the air, but somehow landed back on the road (could not explain the marks in the grass). I totally tripped out because I was sure I had caused major damage. I got out and asked my boy (who was riding shotgun) to roll forward slowly while I checked out the wheel. Everything seemed fine! Rear end was not bent, axles were good, and all suspension pieces seemed to work good. Only damage was the lip of the wheel was cracked. I guess these domestics can take a beating! (loving the solid rear axles!)Anyway, we started drifting again (yup we kept going!), and we didnt finish until my mishap at 6am. I was taking another turn when the same pass side rear tire came off the rim in mid drift!! I guess the bead finally broke!! The rear of the car jumped into the air and I landed on 1/2 rim, 1/2 tire! hahaha!! Revlimit saved my life by donating a 14" wheel (which he had used to drift earlier haha). It didnt quite fit over the caliper, but I shoved it on anyway and limped home. Now whenever I change my rear wheels, and I look at that pass side caliper with the grooves from Revlimits 14's, I remember that night at triangles. And the thing I remember most is ... damn my car is heavy so I better feint early!! Nowadays triangles is pretty much off limits because too many people have crashed there drifting and the cops have caught on ...


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                      Live fast die young keep drifting. Let the gas be with you. I dont know what that means but it sounds about right for the situation here.


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                        ahaha i pulled into my drive way after i hit a curb awhile back on my front right tires....he looks at it and was like what did u do to te wheel? and im like ooh i was parking and my rim hit the curb cus a part of the rim was ripped off....just a lil piece and hes was like oh you suck at driving steven and im like yeah .... umm now when im driving my car makes a squeeling noise and i dont know if its the brakes or somthn else but nothn seems broken...


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                          when i meant "he" i meant my dad....what really happened was i slid into the curb a lil hard....


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                            that sucks. i did the same thing once. It was about 3am. too and basically had to buy a new strut, control arm, tension rod and sway bar I actually called my mom and she came and picked me up (she was the only one i could get ahold of and my friend had broken his car ealier that night so we had one car to drift with--oh yeah I am also 24 so my mom could care less what i do) i do feel your pain and so will your wallet


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                              yeah i can only see good in this lil event though
                              i get to work on my car, i didnt get a ticket,im gettin some new nicer parts, and i found a new place to drift
                              some ofmy friends think im dumb for saying that but then again they dont drift...... my friend that was riding with me was liek so i guess you never coming back here huh? (hes getting into drifting)
                              i was like no way man i gotta get back and conquer this turn....