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    im learning mostly high speed drifting right now. ive been scared to do it for a while just because of the curbs ive hit in the past trying it out. i can do low speed corners just fine, but anything over 65mph and i usually end up using grip.
    right now im at a stand still in my learning process due to the fact that i broke half of my cars suspension on a 60mph left hander and my right front tire blew out sending me straight into a storm drain. also working on my 5 lug swap.


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      Right now I'm working on heel-toe and braking. I haven't had a chance to throw the car sideways yet though. Mostly because I lack a good parking lot without curbs that I have to worry about.



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        Now that I've got some encouragement, (7th out of 25 at my last event) my focus is angle and not spinning as much. (If I hadn't have spun during the first round of competition, I could've placed in the top three) I can hold long drifts fairly easily, but linked drifts are still a black art to me. I'm smooth and know the racing line. My real weakness is my lack of sideways experience, only about three and a half hours.


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          Originally posted by nedinic
          yea im 16 lol just got full license when you drive around thinkking about drifting, its kinda tell the turth but ill try soon + its my mom's car and im messing that up....

          back on topic..

          Your 16 and have your full license? where do you live lol


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            well I suppose you could call me crazy. im working on tandem. oh yea. tandem on the touge. BUT we are crazy. and drive ALOT. that and getting used to black ice. never know when its gonna pop up! muahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

            -Krazy White Guy.