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How did everyone get into drifting?

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  • How did everyone get into drifting?

    as for me, i grew up with about 7 or 8 uncles who are mechanics, and thats what got me into liking cars. then, when i was like 11, my cousin got a 88 civic hatchback, that was the car that got me into street racing, later i found out about superstreet and import tuner. i still like superstreet better tho, kuz they do mostly jdm cars instead of jdm rice... then drifiting came along out of nowhere and i saw rallycross for the first time and i knew that thats what i wanted to do in life. then, when i turned 14, i got the internet, and found out more about drifting... (i guess there is a better use for computers than to dl some kobe tai movie clips ) neways, i started hanging out with the local car crew (who also liked drifting) and thats how it started. now i am famous in the import scene in chino, and i get all the respect... ( now i know how vin deisel felt in the fast and the furious - even if that movie was *Censored**Censored**Censored*!), i get all the hook-ups, and i also go to every frikken import event in southern cali , street races are *Censored**Censored**Censored* now, thats what also made me like drifting more... too many peops we know have died racing... R.I.P. homeboys... and that movie (fast and furious) made things gayer (- is that even a word >>gayer<<) , it killed the scene... (so did supertuner tv) hahah, neways, i cant wait for 2 fast 2 furious, thats gonna be it for streetracing!, everyone and there mom is gonna have a civic all riced out!, and there gonna kill the supra too (which i wonder, will apc make euro taillights for the supra? - kuz they shure do make it for every other frikken car in the world... hahah) and thats my whole life story... i guess... phwew! my hand hurts... now, someone else tell there story so i can rest my hand for a while.
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    word dogg, i feel you, unless you had a supra prior to FF (like me) you have no idea what almost every stop light was like. damn punks.


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      i know how you feel after f.f came out i had every civic and integra trying to rev up on me and i swere that movie made cops want to bust us even more.
      i went to the races last night with dori star and there was like 10 cops just chillin and they were all biker cops so its hard to out run them with a loward car but when we got away from the cops i jsut beat everyone and left haha


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        remember the integra that ran the other integra, and it won, so it came back looking all hard with its hazards on... and it didnt see tha speedbump... so it jumped it, man that was funny...


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          oh yea

          all you saw were sparks flying haha


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              ---first started in 1990 with my Mazda Cosmo, here in Okinawa



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                isnt tha mazda cosmo the mx6 here... ?


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                  lunch trays

                  ya'll down with the lunch trays? panda express ones are the bestest of the best. super thick, rubber top for added traction, ultra lunch tray motion slide. yum. when that shifty dork of a manager is off stirring the chow mein, jack a stack and run out the door. proceed to place plastic lunch trays under rear tires. (we are talking FF here for a moment). lock ebrake in full upright position. clutch in, select first gear, apply gas, dump clutch, have fun.. =D

                  actually, little did my dad know, i jacked his mercedes outta the garage and took that piece around the block doing donuts in the cultasac things. dunno if i spelled that right. i was just stoked on seeing smoke off the tires. thank god for the power seats, my short legs at the time couldn't reach the peddles for nuthin... lol. have you drifted your parents car lately? muuuahahhaha



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                    I got into the drifting scene about a year and a half ago. My friend Chris (Revlimit) told me there was an event down at the local tracks that I should see (Drift Session). I saw everyone else sliding and thought it looked like alot of fun. I didnt know what I was doing or what was going to happen but I tried it anyway. I've been hooked since that day. Since then I've dropped any other types of racing and I concentrate only on drifting. Its just sooo much fun!! Hopefully one day I'll be good enough to consider myself a true drifter. Its hard building a skill like this when you've been taught your entire life that a loss of traction is bad. I'm getting there ...
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                      because of you

                      i got in to drifting because of dori star he showed me the right path. f*** street racing n e more it is all about touge and dori thoughs are the only words i use now. i hope i get rid of the focus and get a 87 turbo supera. i think that car is soooooo bad but if i could get a sil80 i would in a sec.


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                        drift show off

                        the dift show off is a nother thing that got me in to drifting. signal silvas are sooo bad they look cool and they are a champ out on the track. if my friend dori star didnt tell me about the comp i would know nothing about drifting. that was the best show i have ever gone to beter then hin,d1,the road show ,and la car show.


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                          thanx.. but no, its all about koguchi and his 180!!!


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                            josh how do you put a pic on the bottom w/ the signature and dont let blake go to signal they will look at him funny with ford joking blake i love your car


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                              look at your sign in name.... you see how it says... top secret... SIZE=4]WELL THATS WHAT IT IS!!![/SIZE] TOP SECRET