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ATLANTA Meet (Sept 17th)

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  • ATLANTA Meet (Sept 17th)

    Ok, I think it's time for another Atlanta meet. Things need to be stepped up in the area such as events, meetings, track days and what not. So, I think that the Atlanta Drifters, and surrounding areas, since it impacts us all, need a little sit down to discuss things and figure out a game plan to get the ball rolling. The last meet had a decent turn out, more than I expected. This time we need everyone to show up and confine themselves to one area for planning and meeting. Alot of you don't know each other so let's do it right and everyone meet everyone. We can discuss everything from ways to talk to track owners and parking lot owners to places and spots if you want to share em. Totally up to you.

    The date and time I think will work best is the Friday before Nopi. Sept 17th. Alot of people will be in town, people will be geared up to see the Drift exhibition down there, hopefully Lorin from DX will be here with a couple of people that I can't discuss yet. So I think that will be the best time. Odds are if Lorin is in town with the hush hush's, they will be there as well. If they aren't, don't blame me. Snacks and what-not will be provided by Tophat Performance.

    The place is still up in the air. I liked Andretti speed labs, but didn't like the fact that we were all spread out. This time I am looking into renting a room. One big enough that we can all meet. After the meet, you all can hook up some trains to spots or whatever. If someone else has an idea about where to meet, please let me know. I will also see about getting the skidpad opened. Not sure how that will play out though.

    So, Atlanteans and surrounding areas, pipe up and let me know what you think.

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    Hey, that's a great idea Ghost. You know I will be there.
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      PM me, My 1 88 U, or Phoen_x when you finalize the time, date and location. We got around 8 people that will try to attend.


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        Hell yeah I'll be there


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          I was hoping you guys would show, i'd love to meet you all. Baboons A$$, hope you show up again too. I'm going to put some posts on 4ag, Nico and another couple places. We can hopefully get a large enough turnout to get something productive done besides playing video games all night


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            I'll be moved into ATL by then. I'll bring my crew with me


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              Sounds fun! If work and school doesn't get in the way, count me in!

              I'll try and bring a group with me if I am able to go.

              Keep us updated Ghost.


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                You don't know me yet because I was just a reader untill today, so I am a little more familliar with you guys. Ghost, I saw your FD at the D1 GP in atlanta and then recognised it the folowing week on this site when you posted pics of the 2 wheels your brother had given you. Anyway, I hang out with a bunch of toyota guys and 240 guys and things are getting restless with the new heat on streetracing going on here. Honestly I think it was a good call to bust up the Moreland races. People were STUPID down there.

                I know, I know, I'm off subject, but I have a lot built up to say. Back to the point... ATL meeting... If you build it we will come. Thanks for being a leader. I look forward to meeting you.


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                  Any updates?


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                      Hey, i'll try and be there. I just got a 1990 240sx hb, it's an auto but oh well. Keep us updated on the location and time. I plan on going to NOPI so i'll be up in that area. Can't wait till then

                      - peace


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                        Count me in!


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                          No word on Andretti's yet. Should know something Monday. The date is pretty much set. When we get the pricing from Andretti's, we may look at doing it on the 16th, Thursday instead of Friday. I would rather not do it that day myself so let's hope the cost isn't that much difference.

                          Tony Schultz will be there, Tony is a very talented driver and went to 16th in the Formula D Atlanta. Also Scott Tacket will be there as well, Scott is our engine installer and has been an installer for Unstable Hybrids. He is very experienced with SR installs and extremely good with technical advise. There should also be others there as well, don't have the full list at the moment.

                          Basically the recipe for this meeting is to get input from everyone as to how events can be planned, how track owners can be approached and general things to say when trying to get something put together. That's why we are trying to get a room big enough so that anyone who has something to add can say it and people can take notes if need be. It will also for people to meet others and form friendships with like minded people. Whether you Drift or not, i'm learning like everyone else, just bring a positive outlook into it and things will hopefully start rolling for the Atlanta area.


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                            *Hoping we stick with Friday*

                            I'm really looking forward to this! Thanks for the update Ghost!


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