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Confirmed DRIVERS (FORMULA D New Jersey)

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    Team FALKEN has not only Tony Angelo's insane drift machine, they also have Seigo's SRX-7 FD. And that makes two of the badest FD's in drifting!


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      I just want to see who (spectator wise) is gonna be there from the forums. I got my tickets online so im definatly gonna be there, anyone else?!


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        The Results Are In!!!!

        I just got back from this event. Heres the results
        Rhys Millen #1
        RS*R Sliding Hawaiian #2
        Casper canul #3
        ALex Pfieffer #4


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          SEND IT SEND IT SEND IT SEND IT SEND IT! WOW that event was so freaking fun!!!! I got a bunch of stuff signed, everyone was nice, drivers were cool. I got lots of free stuff, some DA fingers, now I can have a swollen hand, WITH STYLE! I got a Falken: Drift hat. Got my Pacific Rim shirt signed by Dashiro. Alex signed an autograph, as did Samuel. Calvin Wan signed my hat! Soo much fun. Lots of cars, lots of action.

          PS-DJ should play rock. (I love J-Rod.)
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            Originally posted by ALI
            Who cares if you told Chris, tell us!!! Hahaha...good luck with everything this year bro, it will be nice seeing you out there. My year starts in Atlanta!

            Sidenote: Will you be joining us again at DriftShowOff in Houston?

            Okay, Okay, here is the new Drift Alliance "secret weapons" for 2006....
            Ryan Hampton

            Baller Bolts Titanium Hardware


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              dayum!!! freaking ryan,... bhahabhhababha