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    Ya, the movie was good.

    100000000% better than the 1st 2.

    Kinda makes me wish they made more drifting movies.

    Lines were corny at times (as expected).

    Worth the $8.00 though.


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      Saw the movie last night and overall was suprised and satisfied with the quality. Although like most people, I found some of the lines were somewhat cheesy, it was ok. Lucas Black did a good job playing his part, I found his acting to fit with the role better than if it was one of the actors from the previous movies. The cg in the movie was done well I think, wasnt too bad. Only got annoyed with bow wow, lol I dont know why but he did ok.

      PS- When the RX7 blew up, I was just thinking to myself if thats what happens when rotaries overheat lol. (my friend beside me has a FD3S.)


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        Just thought I would post my views..

        Since Im so outspoken and so opinionated about this film, I decides to write about this movie Better Luck Drifting. Oh wait was it called Devil Without a D. Hahaha some of you know what Im talking about but if you dont Im talking about the Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drifts striking resemblance to too FNTF 1 and Better Luck Tomorrow, but it seemed like the directors and writers were watching Devil Without A Cause and Initial D while they were directing this thing

        But just as I thought this movie was decent a tolerable compared to the first two (especially part 2). Decent story line with good action that had me gasping for my inhaler, I dont know if I was laughing or the action was just that good. But what I like the most they didnt make the Asian characters seem dickless and inferior to the white man like other American films do. They also didnt demonize them but they did set new stereotype, every little kid will think any Asian male over the age of 18 is yakuza lmao. But what got me the most, I could really identify with the Sean Boswell, I rather be working on and driving cars instead of being at school. I am a bit of an outcast do to my obsession with the automobile.

        I also liked the fact that Bow wow's character wasnt hyped up to be a super duper drifter. He didnt say that many stupid *Censored**Censored**Censored* lines like "if youre not out of control your not in control", yet he was annoying and the movie could have been just as good with out him. I really wish they hyped up Jason Tobins character more. He is great actor and a very funny dude, he would have been a better right hand man then little bow wow who basically stalked girls and sold bootleg items through out the whole movie. It was real funny watching him try to describe how to drift though "first you pull that e-brake then I want you to power over". But every black man has to be a hustla right? HAHA

        The damn movie was too quick too follow though; everything was happening so fast I was like wtf. And the shity fake FOB accents didnt help either, its funny how some of the Asian characters spoke perfect English and some of them sounded like they were speaking broken Cambodian and the fact that some of the Japanese was real bad also. You can tell that most of the actors been in the states for a real long time or just moved to America from Cambodia or Vietnam lmao.

        And why were there no clean drift/race scenes, as a guy who spends most of his time watching JDM option movies I was real angry that there wasnt a single race with out destroying a single car. Im a technical guy, I know what clean races look like, so Hollywood please dont try to fool me. In reality all the characters in the movie suck, if only Boswell knew to grip the whole road instead of drift he would have beat him with out destroying his car. Is Stephan Papadakis the ideal drifter then lmao!!

        I do take my hat off to all the stunt coordinators/ drivers (Millen, Foust etc) with the help of CG they made drifting look cooler then it really is. Yea the only reason why we drift Is too get girls hahahah lmao. There was also a lot of *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* ups, there were some scenes where you can so totally tell these so called RHD cars were LHD. Thats why they didnt zoom in that much during the in car scenes. Other then that this was a decent movie, as a FNTF movie it was the best. As a film as a whole I would give it a C . But as a drift movie. It was poorer then a homeless guy. Yea there DJs and hella fine chicks at drift meets. Lmao youre lucky to find a couple of hot non model or wanabe model girls at a real legal drift event

        But what Im worry about is the after effect. These stupid preadolescent boys (or the men who think like them) need to remember they live in America. You just cant go out and race on the street without out the cops harassing you. Cops are already harassing people who are not racing. Setting up random smog stops, where if they dont like the look of your car they can just pop the hood and write you up a grip of tickets and tow your car. And when you drift on the streets it also affects the legal side of the sports. They already canceled events due to peoples conduct off the track.

        So my advise, stay the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* off the streets. Stay on the track, stop over pricing these "drift" cars and dont give people a reason to give drifters a bad name, this movie has done enough.

        P.S. I didnt pay to watch this movie... download that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* for free!!!!


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          Just saw it. Wasnt too bad. I thought it would be much more hokey than it was. It actually had some cool shots. There wasnt too much shifting into 2nd at 140 mph... stuff. I think it was better than the other two.


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            can someone explain to me why the z33 went off the clift at the end?


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              Originally posted by my 1 88 u
              can someone explain to me why the z33 went off the clift at the end?
              because he got drift served YO!!!


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                Overall, I think most of us can agree the movie was better than we thought. Idk if Im just retarded, but it seemed like "DKs" g/f (haha i dont even remember her name and its only been an hour since i saw it) accent on her speech kept changing...anybody else catch that? I dont think they captured "underground" drifting that well, half the drift cars were formula d cars and i saw alot of american-esc products like igen and sparco(dont get me wrong sparco is a damn good company but i doubt the drift king wouldnt have takata harnesses and bride seats), it made it seem like everyone in japan is rich as hell and drives competition cars and the mustang was retarded imho, he keeps spinning out so OBVIOUSLY they need to tweak the motor and not the suspension.
                Also I dont see why they had to smash every car???

                The best part for me was when he flew past the cops and it said 197 and the kids behind me thought it was mph and started flipping out "holy sh! 197!!! OMG hehehe!!!!" which is what maybe 130mph?


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                  200km/h = 120 mph for a reference

                  I forgot the girl's name too.
                  Boost Up


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                    its more like 125, i think the conversion is 1.6---km =1mi and 200/1.6 is in fact 125 but its less because of the other digits i dont know and wont look up.

                    this was worthless


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                      Originally posted by CrazyBadger
                      this was worthless
                      lol good stuff


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                        Originally posted by CrazyBadger
                        i saw alot of american-esc products like igen and sparco(dont get me wrong sparco is a damn good company but i doubt the drift king wouldnt have takata harnesses and bride seats),

                        Actually Bride and Takata are popular US brands, for accurate protrayl, he would be using Recaro's, the seat of choice in japan and he'd be running Willans Harnesses(from UK). Also SPARCO (it's from ITALY, not US) is widely sold in Japan, as well as a lot of the American brands (we like JDM, they like USDM).


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                          the FOB accents were sometimes--say most of the time--hard to understand. By the way, on the yakuza stereotype, Hahn said that DK was just playing gangsta just b/c his uncle was one, as in playing the role of a wanksta. As I was watching the touge scene at the end, they had a finish line meaning they coulda gripped the whole race which woulda been faster. And the touge scene was confusing the first time I watched it. Caught it again after watching nacho libre. but damn, this movie makes me want to get back into studying the mechanics/physics of drifting and whats going on in the professional world again, probably pursuing a career around it (like auto journalism).

                          and if you watch micheal mann films (like Heat or Collateral) to get a feel for a city like los angeles, i think tokyo drift right now is the best mainstream representation of tokyo right now. makes me wanna move there, or visit at least.

                          oh, and the cg shots were done tastefully like drifting through the city intersection full of people, the group drifting in the mountains (was that CG), and shawn drifting on the wangan at seemingly incredible speeds.
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                            and shawn drifting on the wangan at seemingly incredible speeds.
                            that was the only CG I didnt like in the whole thing.. And it does make you want to go visit japan, even more than most of us probably do.


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                              I enjoyed it


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                                Originally posted by s13/350z
                                that was the only CG I didnt like in the whole thing.. And it does make you want to go visit japan, even more than most of us probably do.
                                Naw according the movie the Japanese are some real racist SOB's.