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  • YAHOO Auctions.

    I was doing a search on Yahoo Auctions on Japan and They are selling Bride seat CHEAP!!! I would like to pick up a set is there a trust worthy person in Japan that could help me out? I am looking for the Ergos dont need the rails...

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    You can read japanese?? I went on yahooauctions japanese...and i couldnt read that stuff... they have all sorts of cool stuff too...


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      dude shiping will make it alot more expensive so you might be better off just getting them here. but if you really want to pay e-mail me i got a few friends in japan.


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        Here yoo go
        BRIDE (BRID )

        I buy stuff all tha time but shipping is killer


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          I dont mind doing it but I want to turn a profit. My time is valuble and to sit at a computer waiting for the auction is not turning a proffit.

          Also I can get cheep shipping to the states I have done complete sr20dets for 500$.

          I will not bidd on somthing if you dont have the funds as I dont need uselles crap. I am setting up a paypal account for oversees folks to add to. If you can play by my rules then I dont mind.


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            Hmm you sound like a good resource to have in japan. Do you have MSN? AIM or YIM? PM your screen name for any if you have any.. so we can talk..


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              Damn, just spoiled a good secret.

              Contact the seller, sometimes for a little extra profit theyll ship it here.