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NOPI Drift - Miami, FL. Live Updates...

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  • NOPI Drift - Miami, FL. Live Updates...

    Nopi Drift - Round 2: Miami, Florida(Dolphin Stadium)
    Updates from the track as we get them...

    Drivers List - Saturday 4/14 10:00am(EST)

    Jonathan Martin
    Jodin LeJeune
    Sammy Sritongkhan
    Chanin Prapapyuenyong
    Dennis Mertzanis
    Jason Jiovani
    Rob Fleming
    Nathan Brasz
    Damien Bagley
    Blake Fuller
    James Evans
    Erin Sanford
    Stewart Leask
    Robby Unser
    Bill Sherman
    Caio Campos
    Cody Wellons
    Dan Willie
    Tracey Shayhorn
    Ron Ewerth
    Kitt Hock
    Travis Deems
    Nick Hogan
    Lance Kirianoff
    Harri (Tertech)
    Raffi. (Tertech)

    Drivers meeting is starting now... Weather is warm and in the mid 80s, a little humid. Today is a great day for racing.

    This is all that will be posted today. They have practice till 6PM and will have the competition tomorrow. Unless we get an update of crashes or motors going.

    All posts will be done as we get them here and NOPI Drift - Miami Live Updates...

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    Top 16 - Sunday 4/15 11:45AM(EST)

    Qualifying Driver Points

    1 Chelsea Defona 89.5
    2 Bill Sherman 86.5
    3 Blake Fuller 84.5
    4 Robbie Unser 79
    5 Caio Campos 77.5
    6 Nate Bras 75
    7 Nick Hogan 70.5
    8 Rob Fleming 68.5
    9 John Martin 66.5
    10 Erin Sanford 65
    11 James Evans 63.5
    12 Rob Ewerth 59
    13 Damien Bagley 56.5
    14 Harry Travola 55.5
    15 Dan Willie 53.5
    16 Dado 51


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      Top 16 Match Ups - Sunday 4/15 1:05PM(EST)

      1 Chelsea Denofa - Drift Brigade(Miata) vs 16 Dado - Tekademics(BMW)

      8 Rob Fleming - Xat "Bandit" vs 9 John Martin - Pink Drift Mechanics(Miata)

      4 Robbie Unser - Silver Enjuku(S13.5) vs 13 Damien Bagley Drift Brigade(S14)

      5 Caio Campos - Enjuku(S14) vs 12 Ron Ewerth - Vision Performance(S14)

      2 Bill Sherman - Enjuku(S13) vs 15 Dan Willie - Batlground(S13)

      7 Nick Hogan - Mopar(Viper) vs 10 Erin Sanford - Gran Tourismo East LS1(S13)

      3 Blake Fuller - Braille Auto(350z) vs 14 Harry Travola - Ter-Tech(BMW)

      6 Nate Brasz - Zerolift(S13 coupe) vs 11 James Evans Xat(S13)

      Qualifying was seeing speeds of 50 to 60, Sammy from Tiger hit 65 but couldn't complete the course. Several drivers were within a foot or less of the wall in front of the judges stand and are the top qualifiers.

      Practice went well, course was made slighly wider for tandem. 17 thru 20 drivers were allowed to tandem practice. Practice was cut short when Dennis George hit the wall hard (cone got caught under a wheel, hit k rail, ripped off drivers front suspension, cracked windshield, broken rear 1/4 glass). Dennis is ok.

      There is a nasty raincloud in the area, but drifting is rain or shine! Intros and top 16 start in a matter of minutes...


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        Go Chelsea!!!


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          Top 16 Starts... - 1:18PM(EST)

          Unser vs Bagley
          Unser leads - Bagley isn't in drift on first part of course.
          Bagley leads - hits 1st clipping point Unser moves on.

          Caio vs Ron
          Caio leads - Caio has good speed n smoke, Ron hits clip point, Advantage Caio.
          Ron leads - Caio spins, Ron has too many corrections. One more time
          Caio leads - Caio misses 1st clip, but Ron isn't in drift. Even.
          Ron leads - Caio hits clip pointt, pulls off track, can't complete. Ron moves on. Ron throws his shattered bumper into the crowd!

          Continued... - 1:30PM(EST)

          Dado vs Chelsea
          Chelsea leads - Chelsea hits the K-rail, rim is broken, he continues to drift with a flat tire and broken rim! Dado has advantage because Chelsea was off course.
          Dado leads - Dado is pulling away, Chelsea is understeering. Dado moves on

          Rob fleming vs Jonathon Martin
          Rob leads - even run, drivers are super tight! Rob has more smoke but is slow.
          Marty leads - Rob is on his *Censored**Censored**Censored*, good smoke, Marty can't leave him. Rob moves on.

          Continued... - 1:45PM(EST)

          Brasz vs Evans
          Brasz leads - Brasz is close to the wall, Evans is faster on the entry.
          Evans leads - Brasz hits clipping pt, Evans moves on.

          Hogan vs Erin Sanford v10 vs v8
          Hogan leads - Hogan takes out 4 or 5 cones, Erin passes him. Nick is leaking fluid, has 5 mins to fix it. Hogans pit crew fixes it with seconds to spare.
          Erin leads - takes a conservative line, Nick loses his drift, but catches up to him near the end.
          Erin Advances

          Last of Top 16 - 2:00PM(EST)

          Blake vs Harry
          Blake leads - Blake under steers on 1st entry, Harry taps the wall, Blake has narrow advantage.
          Harry leads - Harry is tight on the wall, Blake loses drift near 2nd clip, narrow advantage Harry. One more time!
          Blake leads - Blake leaves, Harry stalls the car, has to play catch up.
          Harry leads - Blake is on his *Censored**Censored**Censored*, Blake spins after the finish, Blakes moves on.

          Dan vs Bill Sherman
          Bill leads - Dan is closer to the wall, but both are tight during the run.
          Dan leads - Dan pulled away from the Enjuku car, Dan was closer to the wall, Dan moves on.

          Top 8
          Dado vs Rob Fleming
          Unser vs Eworth
          Willie vs Sanford
          Fuller vs Evans


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            Originally posted by aaronlosey View Post
            Go Chelsea!!!
            Dado vs Chelsea
            Chelsea leads - Chelsea hits the K-rail, rim is broken, he continues to drift with a flat tire and broken rim! Dado has advantage because Chelsea was off course.
            Dado leads - Dado is pulling away, Chelsea is understeering. Dado moves on

            Sorry, she didnt get past TOP 16.


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              Top 8 - 3:15PM(EST)

              Dado vs Rob Fleming
              Rob leads - Rob has a good run, Dado spins in front of the judges.
              Dado leads - tight run, Rob spins just in front of the finish line, One nore time.
              Rob leads - Dado off the line, Rob pulls from dado, advantage Rob
              Dado leads - Rob is tight on the line, Dado rubs the wall but loses too much speed, Rob moves on.

              Unser vs Ron Eworth
              Unser leads - Ron straightens in front of the crowd, and is off the line. Advantage Unser
              Ron leads - Unser initates late, Ron runs tight, One more time
              Unser leads - Ron straightens in front of the crowd again.
              Ron leads - Ron is off the clipping zone in front of crowd, Unser moves on.

              Continued... - 3:40PM(EST)

              Dan Willie vs Erin Sanford
              Erin leads - Erin losses drift in front of the crowd, Dan corrects to avoid hitting him, advantage Dan
              Dan leads - Erin is off the line and losing speed, Dan moves on

              The sprinkles start...

              Blake vs James Evans
              Blake leads - Blake hits the first clip, but James spun around the last clip, James' mistake is bigger, advantage Blake
              James leads - James spins in front of the crowd, Blake passes him, Blake moves on.

              Final 4 in 20 minutes. Its starting to rain...

              They drift rain or shine!

              All posts are located at NOPI Drift - Miami Live Updates...


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                Congratulations to Rob Fleming!

                Winner of NOPI Drift -Round 2

                1st - Rob Fleming, Xat Racing
                2nd - Dan Willie,
                3rd - Blake Fuller - Braille Auto

                You can read the entire Event at
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                  Dude! Awesome driving everyone this weekend! It was a great show. Obviously, I think Dan rawked out (he's my baby)...especially since he crashed his car into the wall Saturday during practice. He tapped his rear which slung his front end around and then after that his car ran up the K-rail. I swear the car came off the ground 3 like feet.

                  Thanks to the Drift Brigade team, Dan was able to get his car back togther for the qualifying rounds!!! Seriously thanks to the Drift Brigade! Damien Bagley had parts at our trailer before Dan was event back and they helped him work on the car until it was fixed (Tim Moceri from Ter-Tech also helped, thanks!!).

                  Harry from Ter-Tech also hit the wall. He was also able to fix the car in the time alloted and make it back to qualify. Chelsea.......OMFG! Hit the wall with his wheel....had a flat tire and held a drift the entire run! It was amazing.

                  Dennis from Wan Li hit the wall and totaled his car. It was scary (all I saw was wheels fying thru the air) but he is ok.

                  Last edited by Tracy; 04-19-2007, 08:47 AM.


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                    XAT Racing for the win!!


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                      Yeah despite blowing another head gasket and only getting 13 runs the entire weekend I had a blast. Looking forward to ST louis already.

                      Thanks for the wiper arms Dennis
                      Thanks for teh switch Tracy

                      See you guys at the next one!!!!!!!!!!




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                        awesome weekend...great event. Thanks to everyone at NOPI.

                        Rob Fleming did a fantastic job putting on an absolute rain drift clinic.

                        Great job by the crew and the guys at the shop making the car perfect.


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                          Originally posted by EverythingDrift View Post
                          Dado vs Chelsea
                          Chelsea leads - Chelsea hits the K-rail, rim is broken, he continues to drift with a flat tire and broken rim! Dado has advantage because Chelsea was off course.
                          Dado leads - Dado is pulling away, Chelsea is understeering. Dado moves on

                          Sorry, she didnt get past TOP 16.
                          psst, chelsea is a dude


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                            Originally posted by MoNkEy_MaGiCx View Post
                            psst, chelsea is a dude
                            Typo.. my bad.


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                              This is some of the worst-looking drift-carnage I think I have ever seen.

                              I'm SO glad Dennis walked away from this.