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    Dear D1GP USA Fans,

    This is D1GP USA’s Official Statement regarding the events that transpired at the Chicago D1 Grand Prix event.
    In the case of Driver conduct at the event there were several instances that involved Team Orange. We feel these instances were boiling over from the Anaheim event where Forrest Wang had beaten Tanaka and fought a hard battle against Kumakubo that resulted ultimately in Kumakubo’s victory over Wang. In Chicago, Wang and Tanaka were paired up again with Kumakubo once again waiting in the wings.
    I am sure, as anticipated as this battle was for the crowd, it was maybe more anticipated by the drivers. There was a lot of pride on the line. After Wang and Tanaka’s first tandem battle there was a slight advantage given to Wang. The drivers reversed positions and Forrest got a huge lead from the start with Tanaka letting off the gas about 50 feet after the start. Wang realized this mid course and also ceased. There was some confusion in the tower as to what had happened. We consulted with the race starter who said that both cars started at the same time. We then went to the replay, however the replay would only give us the seconds after the actual start. Team Orange called foul as they did not feel they received the proper signal from the starter. After much debate it was determined that there would be a re-start of the original tandem battle as both drivers ceased.
    This is where the confusion comes in. Apparently Team Orange did not know that we called a re-start and believed we had called for a OMT. Possibly this was a language barrier issue. We are not sure. After the re-started run, it was a clear victory for Wang, but Tanaka went back to the starting line expecting to run again. Team Orange was informed of the Wang victory and this is where the infractions begin.
    One of our pit workers was standing in front of Tanaka’s car with his arm out and hand up signaling to him to not move forward trying to get Tanaka to turn around and go back to his pit position. It was about this time Tanaka was informed of the Wang victory. Believing that the original call the run earlier was for a OMT, Tanaka and Team Orange went berserk. Tanaka pressed his car against the course workers leg and proceeded to continually rev his engine. Team Orange’s mechanic then slapped the course workers arm (the course worker had it up signaling Tanaka to not move forward) in an attempt to get him to put his arm down. This slap of the course workers arm was repeated no less than 3 times before the race starter told his course worker to get out of the way. At this time Tanaka hit the gas and performed a wheel spin (burnout) thus spinning the car around in obvious defiance over the decision by the judges and his team’s misunderstanding. As he did this he reached out of the car and gave everyone an obscene gesture, to make matters worse, as he was doing this he also clipped our race starter’s knee with his rear bumper and ran over his foot. This reckless act required the EMT’s to assist our starter with his injuries.
    Immediately following, Kumakubo retired in protest over the Tanaka loss. As the now forfeit Kumakubo was supposed to go up against Wang, Wang then immediately advanced into the final round against Nomura. With Kumakubo retired and Tanaka disqualified (due to his actions), Hokkanen was awarded 3rd place and we went on with the Championship battle between Nomura and Wang. Nomura beat Wang in the Championship battle.
    The infractions by Team Orange include, but are not limited to:

    D1GP USA Rulebook Re: Conduct
    • Refusing to cooperate with, interfering with, or obstructing the action of the Officials, Competition Director or others in the performance of their duties.

    Infractions by Team Orange:
    • Tanaka not listening to course officials who directed him to hold his position on course and ordering him to turn around and go back to the pits thus delaying the competition (also considered unsportsmanlike).
    • Tanaka placing his car firmly against course officials leg and revving engine in defiance of course officials direction (also considered unsportsmanlike)
    • Team Orange Mechanic slapping the arm of the course official repeatedly in an attempt to defy the course officials direction and the judgment of the officials (also considered unsportsmanlike)

    D1GP USA Rulebook Re: Conduct
    • Public criticism of the event or the series, its Officials or Sponsors

    Infractions by Kumakubo and Tanaka:
    • Blog’s portraying the series and it’s officials in a negative light over their loss (this could also be considered unsportsmanlike)

    D1GP USA Rulebook Re: Breach of Rules
    • Line item re: dangerous or reckless driving

    Infraction by Tanaka:
    • Performing an illegal wheel spin in the starting area which resulted in the starter being injured (this could also be considered unsportsmanlike)

    D1GP USA Rulebook Re: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    • Line Item as defined under Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Infractions by Team Orange:
    • All of the above mentioned including Kumakubo’s retiring in protest

    My ruling in this matter is as follows:

    D1GP USA’s mission in 2009 was to produce the most unbiased and fair competition possible. It is this mission that allows us to be blind to such factors as nationality, experience, celebrity or the difference between a heavily sponsored team or privateer. It is our intention rather to see every driver on the same level.

    We understand that Team Orange is the most famous drift team in the world and its drivers are regarded as some of the best drivers there are. However that does not give them the right to expect to be treated differently and IT does not give them the right to act the way they did at this event. Therefore the following penalties are imposed:

    The Penalties in this matter are as follows:

    1) Kazuhiro Tanaka – Fine of $10,000 & loss of series points & suspension for the rest of the D1GP USA season.

    2) Nobushige Kumakubo – Fine of $5,000 & loss of event points in Chicago

    3) Team Orange – As a result of the team mechanic’s actions, an additional $2,500 fine

    There have also many been many rumors surfacing regarding Ken Nomura’s conduct at the Chicago event. Thus far our investigation into the matter is not complete. We will continue to investigate and make a ruling later next week.

    Thank you,

    Rich Goodwin
    President D1GP USA

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    Figures everything has gotta get screwed up before they come out east.


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      Good! Hope they come back for E-Town?


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        Unsportsmanlike Conduct code violation#80380204857. LOL. I'm actually not surprised this happen because it happens in every sport when people are so use to winning and they lose they tend to act in ways that may ruin their professional careers.


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          Does anyone have the video clip of what happened at the starting grid?
          As much as I'm a big fan of Team Orange, if what's stated is true then they deserve the fines and probably much more. It happens in every sport that a legend got embarrassed by some young amateur. Look at what happened to LeBron this summer getting dunked on by some 6'2 college player.


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            This is well just, the question is will team orange cough up this money and continue in the series.

            Honestly, I say they run in FD... get the cars to pass tech and go from there. And its not like they will be alone. Plenty of J drivers to talk to in order to understand our series more.

            See what they got against the best pros in the US.


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              Second major drama of the year at D1GP why can't we all just get along?


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                ^ yeah , I was a bit sad when they interviewed Saito at Anaheim when they asked him how the talent out here was and he said that it was still on the low end and that he was a bit disappointed I was like Gahhhhhhh he needs to go run FD and have a blast against our best drivers.


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                  Originally posted by Piner View Post
                  ^ yeah , I was a bit sad when they interviewed Saito at Anaheim when they asked him how the talent out here was and he said that it was still on the low end and that he was a bit disappointed I was like Gahhhhhhh he needs to go run FD and have a blast against our best drivers.
                  Saito had a ride lined up for the '09 FD season. But D1 blocked it, saying he couldn't drive in D1 if he drove in FD. buncha politics....

                  sucks that he chose D1 over FD. he's going to be the "US Champion" this year, but nobody will remember because D1 is clearly the half-rate series.


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                    I wonder if this is going to cause a major rift between D1USA and D1 JAPAN?

                    Will the J drivers band together and boycott the US series?

                    I hope not, because most people associate D1 with bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* Japanese drivers. I guess we will know by the next event.
                    Last edited by OldSkool510; 08-10-2009, 09:43 PM.


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                      Saito knows there is better talent in the states, he is good friends with nashida.


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                        I think that they got off easy if you ask me. When The whole dare I even utter it's name 'drift avengers' thing happened. They got a way harsher penalty and no one was hurt. In this case all the team got was a fine when they put someone elses safety at risk. I am a big fan of Team Orange but I don't think any of this ever should have happened.


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                          Shadow spoke the truth on that one

                          Maybe D1 just knows team orange is never going to pay and is just going to pack up and go back to japan.


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                            Hankook Team is just one of many teams on the FD circuit. Saito doesn't like ALL of FD because of the Hankook Team alone?


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                              Originally posted by driftforfun
                              Daigo didn't come to Fd because he didn't like the way Eddie was running the Hankook Team
                              That might be a really really small reason.

                              Daigo signed a contract with Ds club after the end of last season, along with a few other FD drivers who did half way decent.

                              It kinda makes it impossible for them to be on tv or dvd without D1s permission.

                              Daigo could have ran his own FD team just like his D1USA team. Secondary car etc etc.

                              Drift for fun, are you on the inside with eddie kim... whats the dudes angle? I like his team and all, but homie seemes like a real prude.