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(RESULTS) FORMULA D Irwindale, Oct 16-17 2009

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  • (RESULTS) FORMULA D Irwindale, Oct 16-17 2009

    *Unofficial* Top 32
    Posted by EDRFT
    1 J. Pawlak 13 96.8
    2 R. Tuerck 44 88.5
    3 T. Foust 1 87.5
    4 T. Suell 777 86.1
    5 K. Mohan 99 84.6
    6 D. Yoshihara 9 81.8
    7 C. Forsberg 64 80.8
    8 J. Maeng 51 80.6
    9 S. Hubinette 77 80.1
    10 R. Nishida 31 78.3
    11 D. McNamara 8 77.6
    12 V. Gittin 25 76.3
    13 E. O’Sullivan 35 74.9
    14 M. Essa 101 73.9
    15 K. Gushi 5 73.7
    16 T. McQuarrie 17 73.4
    17 R. Millen 6 71.5
    18 T. Aono 86 68.3
    19 K. Hayashida 33 66.7
    20 M. Powers 11 66.5
    21 A. Pfeiffer 88 65.1
    22 K. Yamanaka 7 64.2
    23 K. Ueo 15 63.3
    24 F. Aasbo 21 62.2
    25 C. Parkhouse 562 60.1
    26 D. VanDenBrink 19 59.6
    27 R. Petty 808 59.1
    28 J. LeJeune 333 57.6
    29 Y. Kondo 52 57.3
    30 T. Brakohiapa 18 55.4
    31 M. Waldin 24 54.6
    32 C. Wan 3 54

    33 R. Ewerth 27 46.6
    34 D. Kearney 43 41.4

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    So you all have an idea of how the Qualifying Session works. Each driver gets 2 passes. 1 pass followed by the whole group then a 2nd pass after all have gone. Qualifying order is setup by ranking.

    2nd Qualifying Run

    Forsberg with a score of 77.9, solid run.
    Tuerck entry speed with 88.1 mph. Fast run and with a score of 88.5
    JR with a score of 72.5
    Sam Hubinette with a solid run, fast entry and smooth transitions. Scores a 78.4
    Tyler McQuarrie scores a 0 as he takes out a clipping point.
    DMac spins on inner bank. Scores a 0
    Tanner Foust with a solid run and on every clipping point. Tons of Hankook tire smoke. Score of 87.5
    Verdier spins on inner bank.
    Robbie with a score of 78.3
    JTP with a sick entry, crazy angle and entry on his inner bank entry. Great run from JTP! Score of 86.2. Run 1 still is the best score so far.
    Ryuji Miki takes out the inner barriers and drives off course after leaving a barrier field.
    Ken Gushi with a fast solid run 70mph entry and lots of smoke coming out the back. Score of 69.4
    Tony B. break on entry.
    Ross Petty with a score of 59.1, solid run and fast on inner bank.
    Taka Aono with a solid run in his little Hachi, score of 67
    Dai Yoshihara fast through the course and on the throttle. Score of 78.1
    Eric O’Sullivan with a sloppy inner bank run. Judges score him a 0
    Rhy Millen with a solid run on his 2nd run. Score of 63.1
    Joon Maeng once again comes in fast and has nice transitions. Score of 77.1
    Kenji Yamanaka with a score of 64.2
    Kyle Mohan trying to best his first score, good solid line and great angle. Score of 76.4
    Calvin Wan comes in with a clean run, nice entry on te bank and on the first clip. Score of 54
    Kondo with a clean run and nice line. Score of 55.2
    Mike Essa with a solid run and gets a score of 52.6
    Tommy Suell with a solid run and nice fast transitions and pushes through the course, score of 86.1
    Ueo with a score of 63.3
    Hayashida with a score of 66.7
    Alex Peiffer with a score of 65.1
    Powers coming normal on the bank with not much angle on entry. On inner bank smacks his back bumper. Score of 66.5
    Mat Waldin with a solid run and putting out some nice smoke. Score of 52.3
    Ron Ewerth with an ok run and scores a 45.5
    VanDenBrink with a good run and lays down a good line with a score of 59.6
    Kregorian with an average run, gets a score of 39.4
    LeJune with a solid run and a score of 57.6
    Parkhouse with a score of 60.1, good run from Cody
    Kearny with only one pass to qualify and gets a score of 41.1
    Aasbo with a solid run and a score of 51.1

    1st Qualifying Run

    Chris Forsberg currently 1st place with a solid run and lots of smoke and a solid run. 80.8
    Ryan Tuerck with a score of 74.1
    JR has a good run in the loud 2010 Falken Mustang. Gets a score of 76.3
    Sam Hubinette with a good run, high on the bank and lots of smoke. Score of 80.1
    Tyler McQuarrie with a good run and gets a score of 73.4
    DMac high on the bank and leaves down a smoke trail through the whole course. Solid run and a score of 77.6
    Tanner Foust high on the big bank and holds a great line and smoke. Score of 80.5
    Verdier hits the wall on the big bank and drives off course.
    Robbie Nishida with a solid run. Score of 74
    JTP laying down a great run and on the big banks wall, hits eac clip and has some great angle. Score of 96.8
    Miki with a poor run, little angle and all over the track. Score of 25.5
    Ken Gushi with a solid run and with a score of 73.7
    Tony B with a score of 55.4
    Ross Petty with a core of 37.7
    Taka Aono in his Corolla with a smooth clean run. Score of 68.3
    Dai Yoshihara with a clean run and a score of 81.8
    Eric O’Sullivan with a solid run and a score 74.9
    Rhys Millen with a score of 71.5
    Joon Maeng with a great run, quick transition and smacks his bumper on the wall and maintains drift and runs out the course. Score of 80.6
    Kenji Yamanaka with a solid run tough the course. Score of 61.7
    Takatori with fire coming from the bottom side as he exits the course. Gets a 0 for the run
    Kyle Mohan on the wall from the big bank and into the inner course. Has a great run and gets a score of 84.6
    Calvin Wan shaky and saves from hitting the barriers. Score is 0
    Kondo with a score of 57.3
    Mike Essa, great run and gets a 73.9. High on the bank and nice smoke.
    Jeff Jones with a 0. No power and sounding like he has having major car issues.
    Tommy Suell with a score of 67
    Ueo runs with a score of 61.3
    Hayashida high on the bank and smoke bellowing out the back. Solid run and on the clips. Score of 51.3
    Alex Pfeiffer spun on end and is given a 0 for spinning right on exit of the course.
    Mat Powers had a solid run. Score of 53.8
    Mat Waldin nice entry on the bank, entry was with a nice angle, but on clipping point was off the clip. Inner bank was a solid run and nice smoke. Score of 54.6
    Ron Ewerth in the Drift Emporium G35 with an average run. Score of 46.6
    VanDerBrink lays down a smoke cloud with an average run. Score 46.2
    Kregorian spins and gets a 0
    LeJune Clean run and nice angle on entry into inner bank. Score of 49.8
    Cody Parkhouse high on bank, smooth run though course and into inner bank. Score of 43.9
    Aasbo was last seen in Red Bull Drifting World Championship here in the states.
    Aasbo intiates high on the bank, gets squirly on the transition and enters the inner bank with lots of smoke. Score of 62.2


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      Content by

      1. Justin Pawlak Vs 32 Calvin Wan
      16 Tyler McQuarrie Vs 17 Rhys Millen
      8 Joon Maeng Vs 25 Cody Parkhouse
      9. Sam Hubinette Vs 24. Fredric Aasbo
      4. Tommy Suell Vs 29. Yasu Kondo
      13. Eric O’Sullivan Vs 20. Mat Powers
      5. Kyle Mohan Vs 28. J. LeJune
      12. Vaughn Gittin JR Vs 21. Alex Pfeiffer
      2. Ryan Tuerck Vs 31. Mat Waldin
      15. Ken Gushi Vs 18. Taka Aono
      7. Chris Forsberg Vs 26. D. VanDenBrink
      10. Robbie Nishida Vs 23. K. Ueo
      3. Tanner Foust Vs 30. Tony Bnrakahopia
      14. Mike Essa Vs 19. K. Hayashida
      6. Dai Yoshihara Vs 27. Ross Petty
      11. Darren McNamara Vs 22. K. Yamanaka

      DMac leads Vs. Yamanaka
      DMac with a very fast course run, nice angle and smoke from DMac as Yamanaka runs a good run giving chase.
      Yamanaka leads with DMac shadowing Yamanak from the big bank into the inner course. DMac moves on.

      Dai Yoshihara Vs. Ross Petty
      Dai leads and is high up on the bank and rides the big wall bank. Ross running a shallower line and Dai just able to get a gap and maintain it.
      Ross leads and Dai is on Ross on the bank. Dai with a big correction and takes out the clipping point. Dai moves on as Ross is called shallower through course.

      Mike Essa Vs. Hayashida
      Essa leads with Hayashida staying close through the course. Essa with a better line as Hayashida takes a shallower line on inner course.
      Hayashida leads with Essa staying on him on the big bank. Hayashida with a nice gap on the inner bank and Essa has to go shallow to catch up. OMT

      Essa Vs. Hayashida OMT
      Essa leads and both run a good solid line though the course. Hayashida manages to stay close and both run a good line.
      Hayashida leads and Essa is high on the bank. Hayashida following his line and Essa staying close. Essa moves on

      Tanner Foust Vs. Tony B.
      Tanner leads and just begins to smoke out Tony B through the entire course. Lots of smoke and angle from Tanner. Tony with a shallow entry angle on inner course.
      Tony B. leads with Tanner staying on Tony through the course. Tanner with a better entry and angle and smoke. Tanner Foust moves on

      Robbie Nishida Vs. Ueo
      Robbie leads with a good entry on the bank and Ueo hitting the wall on the inner course after the transition.
      Ueo leads and initiates early on the bank. Robbie does not back down and stays through Ueo for the length of the course. Robbie moves on.

      Chris Forsberg Vs. VanDenBrink
      Chris leads with lots of smoke from Chris. Small gap but VanDenBrink manages to stay close.
      VanDenBrink leads with a good gap from VDB. Manages to get a small gap and maintain it. OMT

      Forsberg Vs. VanDenBrink OMT
      Forsberg leads with VDB staying semi close through the course. A little shaky on the big bank.
      VDB leads with Forsberg staying close and staying on VDB though the course. Forsberg wins the 2009 Championship

      Gushi Vs. Taka Aono
      Gushi leads with a big gap from Taka, good angle and smoke from Ken through the course. Taka just cant close the gap.
      Taka leads with Gushi staying on Taka through the course. Good run from Ken as he stays close. Ken moves on.

      Matt Waldin Vs. Ryan Tuerck
      Tuerck leads, early gap on bank with a shallow line from Ryan on the inner course. Waldin stays close though inner bank.
      Waldin leads with Ryan coming in close but running a shallower line through the bank. Ryan moves on

      JR Vs A. Pfeiffer
      JR leads with Alex giving chase, both having great smoke and angle through the course.
      Pfeiffer leads with with JR giving chase, great angle and smoke from both through the course. Alex moves on

      Mohan Vs. LeJune
      Kyle Mohan leads and has a good gap on LeJune and begins to pull away from LeJune. Nice angle and smoke from Kyle through the course.
      LeJune leads and Kyle is on LeJune’s door though the entire course. Kyle moves.

      Eric O’Sullivan Vs. Matt Powers
      Eric leads and is high on the bank, lots of smoke from his Hankook tires. Mat staying on Eric but Eric with a lot better angle and smoke.
      Powers leads and a gap is started. Powers taps wall on inner bank and keeps the drift. Eric spins on course exit and hits plastic barriers. Mat moves

      Suell Vs. Kondo
      Tommy leads and comes in with a very deep angle. Fast through the course. Kondo hits the wall and rides inner wall.
      Kondo withdraws and Tommy moves on.

      Sam Hubinette Vs. Aasbo
      Sam leads with lots of smoke and angle. Shaun here representing a fallen friend Shaun Carlson. Aasbo had good smoke and angle, but Sam with a deeper angle.
      Aasbo leads with Sam higher on the bank. Sam is on Aasbo through the course and both come in on inner bank. Sam with a small smack of his bumper. Sam moves on

      Joon Maeng Vs. Cody Parkhouse
      Joon leads with a great angle and smoke on the bank anfd throught the course. Better angle and smoke from Joon through the course.
      Cody with some good angle on the entry clip. Small gap and good run from Cody. Joon moves on

      Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Rhys Millen
      Tyler leads with both on the big bank with god angle. Rhys straightens on inner bank after a loud backfire from the Hyundai.
      Rhys leads with a great angle on the entry. Tyler is on Rhys through the course. Tyler moves on.

      JTP Vs. Calvin Wan
      JTP leads and is high on the bank and shoots through the course. Calvin spins on big bank.
      Calvin leads with JTP stays on Calvin through the course. JTP moves on to Top 16


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        Dai Yoshihara Vs. Darren McNamara
        Dai leads with his rear bumper almost on the wall for the big bank. DMac giving chase but shallower line through the course.
        DMac leads and Dai is on him through the course. DMac smacks him wing on the inner bank and Dai is able to close in and be door to door. Dai moves on

        Tanner Foust Vs. Mike Essa
        Tanner leads and Essa with a shallower angle and line through the chase of the course.
        Essa leads with Tanner on his bumper in the big bank. Essa rubs the wall and Tanner passes him before the first clip. Tanner Foust moves on to Great 8

        Chris Forsberg Vs. Nishida
        Chris leads with Robbie not backing down and mirroring him through the course.
        Robbie leads with a gap on the inner bank, Chris closes the gap on the transition into inner sweeper. Chris takes out the end clip and barriers. Robbie moves on

        Ryan Tuerck Vs. Ken Gushi
        Ryan leads with Ken maintaining a good follow line. Ryan with a better angle on entry into the inner bank.
        Ken leads with Ryan staying on Gushis bumper. Ryan with a small correction on the inner bank. Ryan moves on.

        Alex Pfeiffer Vs. Kyle Mohan
        Kyle leads with Alex staying close and on Kyle through the course and spins on the exit of the inner sweeper.
        Alex leads with Kyle on his bumper. Kyle stays on him through the course with Alex spinning and Kyle avoids the hit on course exit. Kyle Mohan moves on.

        Tommy Suell Vs. Mat Powers
        Tommy leads with Mat giving chase and having a correction on the bank. Suell with a good solid run.
        Mat leads with Tommy having corrections on the inner course. OMT call from judges.

        Tommy Suell Vs. Mat Powers OMT
        Tommy leads and both off the first clip. On the inner sweeper Tommy on the wall. Good run from both.
        Mat with a correction on bank and Tommy shuts her down with car problems it looks. Mat moves on.

        Joon Maeng Vs. Sam Hubinette
        Joon leads with Sam not backing down. Door to door with Sam giving chase and not allowing a gap through the entire course.
        Sam leads with Joon trying to mirror Sam now! Such crazy action with the crowd chanting OMT! They go OMT

        Joon Maeng Vs. Sam Hubinette OMT!
        Joon leads with a correction on the bank and slows down a lot on the inner bank looking like Joon may have caused Sam to spin.
        Sam leads and Joon staying close off the big bank. Joon on transition spins and Sam moves on.

        JTP Vs. Tyler McQuarrie
        JTP leads with Tyler giving chase, both with tons of smoke and angle, Tyler did a good chase run. JTP with lots of smoke and angle.
        Tyler leads giving himself a gap from JTP and able to maintain that gap through the course. JTP with a better antry angle off the bank. Tyler moves on


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          Tanner Foust Vs. Dai Yoshihara
          Tanner leads and just smokes out Dai through the course. Smokes out Dai and he goes into the exit of the course barriers.
          Dai leads and it is a mirror image! Tanner just mirrors him through the course. Very good run from Tanner. Tanner moves on

          Ryan Tuerck Vs. Robbie Nishida
          Ryan leads and holds a great line and angle through the course. Robbie stays close but Ryan with a better line.
          Robbie leads and has a great angle on the big bank. Ryan staying close and holds a good line behind Robbie. Judges call OMT

          Ryan Tuerck Vs. Robbie Nishida OMT
          Ryan leads with Robbie staying on the bumper of Ryan. Good run from both.
          Robbie leads with Robbie having a huge correction on the exit of the big bank. Ryan able to close a small gap and stay on Robbie through the inner sweeper. Ryan moves on.

          Kyle Mohan Vs. Mat Powers
          Kyle leads and comes in with a great line and angle throught the course.
          Mat leads and Kyle with a great angle on the big bank. Kyle looks like he had a car problem and is struggling through course. Mat moves on

          Sam Vs Tyler McQuarrie
          Sam leads with Tyler staying close through the course. Good run from both.
          Tyler leads with a solid run and keeping a good angle through the course. Tyler moves on.


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            CONTENT BY

            Ryan Tuerck Vs. Tanner Foust
            Ryan leads with Tanner staying on Tanner through the course. Great chase from Tanner and good run from Tyler.
            Ryan leads and stays on Tanner with a much better angle on his chase. Ryan gets to move on.

            Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Mat Powers
            Tyler leads and Mat is under powered and just cant keep up through the course.
            Powers leads but Tyler is mirroring him and on his door through the course. Tyler moves on


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              Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Ryan Tuerck
              Ryan leads with Tyler maintaing a good pace.
              Tyler leads and Ryan with a gap. Tyler taps the wall and spins. Ryan Tuerck gets the win

              Tanner Foust Vs. Mat Powers
              Tanner leads and just leaves Mat on the bank and doesnt look back. Tanner with a solid solo run.
              Mat leads with Tanner staying close. Good chase run. Tanner gets 3rd.


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                Completely awesome event. Just got back home. Way to go Ryan, completely kicked *Censored**Censored**Censored* man.


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                  Formula DRIFT 2009 Champion Crowned and Round 7: Judgment Day Results;
                  Ryan Tuerck takes the event victory and Chris Forsberg wins the championship title

                  Long Beach, Calif. – October 17, 2009 – Formula DRIFT entered the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale for the final event of the season. Ryan Tuerck takes the Round 7: Judgment Day victory, while Chris Forsberg takes the overall championship and the Triple Crown bonus prize.

                  The Toyota Speedway at Irwindale hosted the final event of the 6th season of Formula DRIFT. The sold out crowd was not disappointed as the drivers provided non-stop action throughout the event weekend. The event also provided plenty of additional entertainment for the fans including the Jtuned Auto Gallery, Famous Stars and Straps stunt bike demo, and a performance by the “Far East Movement.”

                  “Given the state of the current economy, Formula DRIFT and the sport of drifting have continued to make strides forward," said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “This has been made evident tonight and a great way to cap the season to a sold out venue.”

                  The final event of the season lived up to all the high expectations with the drivers putting it all on the line to win the coveted championship. 2-time Formula DRIFT champion Tanner Foust met rookie and privateer Matt Powers with his Nissan 240 in the consolation round for third place. Foust outmatched the rookie and secured his third place finish. The finals came down to and Ryan Tuerck in the Gardella Racing / Mobil 1Pontiac Solstice and Tyler McQuarrie in the Falken Tire Nissan 350Z. McQuarrie tapped the wall and spun on the 2nd run giving Tuerck the victory and 2nd place overall in the final championship standings. McQuarrie finished the season overall in 3rd place for the highest finish of his career.

                  “It feels amazing,” said Ryan Tuerck, winner of Round 7: Judgment Day. “To be able to relish in this win for the next 6th months is truly awesome.”

                  Heading into the final event, Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy / Maxxis Tire Nissan 350Z maintained a healthy lead in the championship standings, but not a guaranteed title. Forsberg clinched the 2009 Formula DRIFT championship by beating Doug Van Den Brink in the Top 32 portion of the event giving him enough points overall to be crowned for the first time as champion. Forsberg also won for his second time in his career the Triple Crown bonus prize and was awarded a check for $10,000 and a custom wheel trophy and also became the first driver to win both in the same season. This marks the first time that the champion has come from a purely drifting background whereas previous champions had other motorsport experience.

                  “We've been chasing the championship for the past 6 years since Formula DRIFT first started and everyone is out here to do the same thing. We just run as hard as everyone else and did the best we could,” said Chris Forsberg, 2009 Formula DRIFT champion and Triple Crown bonus prize winner. “Coming into this last round I saw that Tuerck was just crushing it in practice and I knew that if we didn't get enough points we would lose the championship and Tuerck would take the event and the title, so I'm proud of him doing that and I'm totally psyched for what my team was able to accomplish to win the championship.”

                  Formula DRIFT Professional Championship 2009 Point Standings
                  1. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z 527 Points
                  2. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice 521 Points
                  3. McQuarrie, Tyler Falken Nissan 350Z 485 Points
                  4. Hubinette, Samuel NuFormz Dodge Viper 462.25 Points
                  5. Gittin, Vaughn Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang GT 451.50 Points
                  6. Foust, Tanner Rockstar / Hankook Scion Racing tC 447.50 Points
                  7. McNamara, Darren Falken / Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky 426.50 Points
                  8. Nishida, Robbie Hankook Tires / Dynamic Autosports Nissan 350Z 425.25 Points
                  9. Pawlak, Justin Bergenholtz Racing / Nitto Mazda RX-8 416 Points
                  10. Gushi, Ken RS*R Scion Racing TC 388.50 Points
                  11. Yoshihara, Daijiro Discount Tire / America's Tire / Falken Nissan 240 381 Points
                  12. Brakohiapa, Tony Cooper Tire Ford Mustang 379.25 Points
                  13. Petty, Ross Garage Boso / Falken Nissan S15 377.25 Points
                  14. Aono, Taka Technosquare Toyota AE86 Corolla 369.75 Points
                  15. Verdier, Stephan Cooper Tire / Crawford Performance Subaru STI 364 Points
                  16. Miki, Ryuji APEXi / Hankook Mazda RX-7 341.75 Points

                  Round 7: Judgment Day Event Results

                  1. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice Winner
                  2. McQuarrie, Tyler Falken Nissan 350Z 2nd Place
                  3. Foust, Tanner Rockstar / Hankook Scion Racing tC 3rd Place
         Triple Crown Bonus Point Final Standings
                  1. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Maxxis Nissan 350Z 262 Points
                  2. Tuerck, Ryan Gardella Racing / Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice 256 Points
                  3. McQuarrie, Tyler Falken Nissan 350Z 233 Points