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    The format of this event was done to keep it consistent and fair throughout the entire season.

    For example, say there is a 28 driver field. A car breaks before qualifying on the first day and doesn't have enough time to repair it in order to qualify, but does have enough time to fix it overnight for the second day. What do you do at the next round is there is 40+ drivers and a car breaks before qualifying and doesn't have enough time to repair it before qualifying, but does if they are allowed to overnight? You can't format the entire event around cars breaking. If there's less or more than 32 cars at event, you have to still run it the same. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss the format or offer ideas, I'm quite an easy person to get in contact with, therefore feel free to call me at 804-657-7626, email me at, or we can discuss it on here, I'm fine with all three. We're trying to make this as fun and fair for all involved.


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      with d2m I agree and same way we did nopi 2008 when i joined the judging staff. everyone benefits. the only reason not to hold qualifying until the 2nd day would be IF there was time constraints... which if you are only getting 30 or less drivers, shouldnt be an issue imo.

      conspire: as far as being fair across the season i dunno. as a driver, I'd rather be rewarded for supporting your series by getting as much track time as you can get me. if next leg there is 2x as many cars, I should understand we might not get as much track time and qualifying might have to cut down the field earlier.

      also, tandem practice can sometimes help drivers advance their skill. those at the higher level sometimes are protective of their lines and dont want to give secrets away whatever. id say with the money into this, the more tandem the better for the drivers, fans, and overall fun. Plus, run counts will be doubled for drivers and get them more track time. obviously you want to start out solo, but it would be awesome if all drivers got some tandem practice. sometimes the step from solo->tandem is why people struggle so hard in competitions and do so well solo, drivers in general dont have enough real tandem with fellow skilled drivers.

      Back to the original topic...As long as all the drivers at a particular event are treated the same, then it should be fine.

      I'm not able to drive XDC this season because of finances, but id be glad to be part of the events if you guys need someone with experience and a passion for the sport.
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