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"Blaze1's List of Drift" Top 10 World Rankings

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  • "Blaze1's List of Drift" Top 10 World Rankings

    A little about me first, as most of you know Iím blaze1. I have been watching (mostly watching) and participating in drifting for over 7 years now on many different levels. Everything from grassroots, D1, FD, and anything that comes my way online. And as you see here I like to voice my opinion early and often. I decided to start a world ranking because honestly drifting is now a global art form and at some point someone would have to rank the best of the best in the sport. And who would be a better choice then someone who has no political ties to any organization, sponsor or sanctioning body.

    I am planning on posting about 3 of these a year. Preseason (the one you are currently reading) will be based on off season changes to a team in all aspects (or lack there of). In this edition last years rankings combined with off season news will determined rankings. Things that impress me: test days, off season builds, off season upgrades, new sponsors, and even sportsmanship along with self representation. I like data and if you feel a driver is left out itís probably because their management or sanctioning body has not provided sufficient data to be considered one of the best in the world.

    I have spent countless hours digesting information to compile this list. Even some of my personal favorites I could not justify including. The next two installments will be based upon straight up points standings. With that being said lets begin.

    #1 Ryan Tuerck

    This guy had a great 2009 year despite finishing 2nd to his Drift Alliance team mate Chris Forsberg. But with a strong first place finish at Irwindale and the fact he is essentially coming back with the same team plus more support this makes him number 1. The only thing holding him back is the fact he could not win at his home track of Wall Speedway, seems a bit like a Drift Alliance curse. If I am not mistaken Vaughn Gittin JR is the only member who has ever podiumed on the crude course. Fix this problem Ryan and you can win the Formula D championship.

    #2 Youichi Imamura

    Arguably the greatest Japanese drifter of all time Imamura is once again proving he is a force to be recon with in D1GP. Even though Tezuka and Nomura were deep in the points race after the 4th or 5th round it seemed as if Imamura had an unseen grip on the championship. Nothing has seemingly changed with the car for 2010, a few new sponsors and a new paint job. Other then that it looks like he may be underway for another championship run. Youichi has already won at round 1 in Odaiba.

    #3 Chris Forsberg

    The 2009 Formula D champion, the first real pure bread drifter to win the series. In 2010 it looks like a lot of the same for Fors which is a very good thing. The thing that frightens me is that he looked a little out of it during the final rounds of the 2009 series. It was almost like he was physically or mentally running out of gas. Maybe he just had a few butterflies in his stomach, who knows? The car is dialed and he posted on his blog Nismo supplied his team with a Race prepped V8 motor designed for use in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. We probably wonít see it until round 2 or 3 of the series, but itís good the guys at LS Auto donít want to rush the change.

    # 4 Tsuyoshi Tezuka

    This is one of those situations where I mention about the lack of data I have about some of these drivers. All I know is that the guy is good, the sounds his car makes scares women and children but makes grown men giggle. It does looks like everything in 2010 is staying the same for the Goodyear/Bee*R sponsored driver which is always a plus. I actually would like to see this guy compete in formula D. His style kind of reminds me of a Vaughn Gittin Jr. He should really watch his back in the run for the championship though. You never know what you will get year by year with D1. I still have trouble believing Daigo Saito won the whole thing in 08.

    #5 Phil Morison

    Before I explain myself let me just say I feel that theyíre way too many drift series in the UK. We got EDC, Pro Drift, JDM All-stars, and BDC. None of them claiming to be less then the other, or a grassroots series. But unconditionally drivers who drive in EDC say they do so because it is the best talent in the UK. And also they run on some serious professional tracks such as Silverstone and Brandshatch. Itís kind of unclear what Phil will be driving but like most euro teams they keep it real traditional (S15s R32s 4 door Toyotas) but throw in little twists. I have no doubt he will stay a tough competitor in 2010.

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    #6 Gaz Whitter

    I told my self I would not make any sort of Aussie or New Zealand jokes, slang, or anything of that matter when talking about a driver for the down under…. F$#@... Didn’t mean to do that. Gaz Whitter is back to back 2008 and 2009 D1NZ champion. During the RBWDC back in 08 he was one of few foreigners who looked conferable on the fast course. Old statistics I know, but he is still consistently on the top of his game in his home country, and that is all he really needs to do to stay on this list.

    #7 “Mad” Mike Whiddett

    This young man has drifted all over the globe the past two years. And has done constantly well at all the events he has attended overseas (other then the WWE style of judging in D1). The sound of his Naturally Aspired Rotary motor brings F1 like sounds to the sport of drifting. The only question is, is that all hes got? This year will be a true test for the D1NZ and FD international veteran as he enters the domestic Formula Drift series for the first time. I’m honest when I say how well he does in the next three months will truly determine if he stays on this list as one of the best of the best.

    #8 Tyler McQuarrie

    Rather you need a man to break records in time attack, or drift just about any car with low chances of it ending up in a wall Tyler McQuarrie is your guy. He had his best year in Formula D in 2009 with a third place finished overall. That also made him the highest overall ranking Falken driver of all time in the Formula Drift series. In 2010 he will return under the Falken Banner with the same 350Z which almost took him to the top. The downfall of being a hired gun as good and as consistent as he is, your status as a driver becomes a bit unnoticed. Tyler in a lot of instances almost becomes just another intricate part of the car he is driving. His style is very robotic and predictable, maybe his nickname should be Intel. Then again, more then half the cars he has driven in the series have belonged to someone else before him. He does have a cool helmet though (spoon livery).

    #9 Tengku Djan

    You can’t bring up Asian (non Japanese) drifting without mentioning Tengku Djan. He has been a serious force in drifting for 4 years now. In 2009 he dominated just about every event Formula D held in the continent. He is one of the few drivers who has can drive a S13 with the same intensity as a Toyota corolla. This is another driver who should stay right where he is at, no need to come to America for more fame and fortune. Formula D is holding an event in Singapore in a few weeks, no doubt in my mind we will see more of the same for Djan at that event. Rumor also has it that he might be LSX powered in the coming months. Talk about growing trend….

    #10 Joon Maeng

    The true peoples champion, never in my 7 year involvement of the sport have I ever met a driver so fourth coming in respectful. Every fan who comes near his pit will get a friendly smile and greeting from this young man. And during the off season it all seemed to pay off. Not only did he land a new car, but he landed on one of the greatest family oriented race teams of all time. Team Bergenholtz is sure to bring the budding superstar to the next level. Unlike other drivers on different teams this season, the focus will be 100% on Joon. I predict at the very least a top 5 finish overall this year. In previous threads I spoke about the difficulties of switching from an S chassis to a RX7 or 8. Those test day videos sure did shut me up quick, when I think of this team I think of a recipe for success.
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      lets agree to disagree.


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        Thank God for the word Opinion, Lol. I kid, I kid...kinda...Blaze you're still my favorite *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* talker. Excellent thread for the coming storm of opinions, facts and manipulated truths.


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          Hey Blaze- Did you get some form of compensation from for starting this thread or what? Some FD Long Beach VIP tickets maybe. lol Tuerck and Forsberg needs to prove you right this weekend.


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            I do this all for the love of the sport!!

            I'm heading to long beach right now, after i buy another cell phone... cracked out on me at the job site lol.


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              the only thing i dont agree with on the list is the Tuerck is #1... i think you are jumping the gun a little bit on this... while i admit he does belong in the top 5, he is definitely not #1.


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                Hey Blaze...

                your number 7 driver on the list can't even make top 32 in Long Beach.... is he still in your top 32? he looked pretty crap-tacular at FD!

                And Phil Morrison? is this based on internet hype or actual driving?! that guy isn't too good, from what I hear.


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                  thanks for the feeback

                  ae86 fan and jdm, this is made off of preseason outlook, mad mike and ryan did very good at the end of the season in 09 and tuerck made very little changes to his machine which is top notch IMO.

                  like i said, Mad Mike will need to do good in the next 3 events to stay on this list.

                  And Phil is the EDC champion, he must be doing something right.

                  Keep the feedback coming


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                    i will be at formula d tommorow, if you want to talk drifting feel free to say hi


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                      Originally posted by blaze1 View Post

                      And Phil is the EDC champion, he must be doing something right.
                      not saying anything about him directly, but if you had a pro series in like... brazil, there isnt much talent there, but the guy that wins would be the best of the not so good. not saying EDC doesnt have talent, but i dont know if its the same level as FD talent, so being the champ doesnt put you into top 10 of the world.

                      i dont have anything against that series or Phil, just making a point.


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                        I know its alot of text, and I didnt mean to go all speedhunters on you guys. But you might want to read the explanations.

                        For Phil, I stated the fact that there are alot of sanctioning bodies in the UK. But most drivers consider EDC the best. That's Why I ranked him, he won that series.


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                          Some more fun facts:

                          mad mike was the 3rd best red bull driver at fdlb
                          6th best Mazda driver
                          12th best on Falken tires
                          7th best fd rookie / long beach virgin


                          I think the hype machine on mad mike is dead.


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                            Saw mike hanging out with his girlfirend? on sat @ long beach

                            seemed to be in good spirits.

                            just a little bit of history, in 08 Rhys Millen did not show up to long beach due to his back injury but ended up 3rd overall and won the $$triple crown$$

                            all is not lost for those who did not make it to the big show


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                              I can appreciate what you're trying to do here but personally I don't think you can create a "worlds" list that includes international drivers when some of these international guys haven't faced US guys or vice versa. Or, some drivers who haven't done too well when they've come to our turf.

                              Take Mad Mike for instance..he sure doesn't suck but when he has been up against our talent he hasn't made it too far but he makes #7?

                              And why is there no Vaughn Gittin Jr.? Granted you couldn't have known he was going to win Long Beach before you made this list. But despite his lack of wins hes easily one of the most consistant drivers in American drifting and is still the only guy to beat the D1 guys. Not saying Vaughn should be #1 but he should definitely be on the list.

                              And no Tanner or Sam? Both guys are two-time FD champs and both have tons of experience taking on Japanese drivers.

                              I know you spent a lot of time compiling this list but I think you left out some important names.