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"Blaze1's List of Drift" Top 10 World Rankings

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    cool stuff


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      Originally posted by MonkeySlide View Post
      I can appreciate what you're trying to do here but personally I don't think you can create a "worlds" list that includes international drivers when some of these international guys haven't faced US guys or vice versa. Or, some drivers who haven't done too well when they've come to our turf.

      Take Mad Mike for instance..he sure doesn't suck but when he has been up against our talent he hasn't made it too far but he makes #7?

      And why is there no Vaughn Gittin Jr.? Granted you couldn't have known he was going to win Long Beach before you made this list. But despite his lack of wins hes easily one of the most consistent drivers in American drifting and is still the only guy to beat the D1 guys. Not saying Vaughn should be #1 but he should definitely be on the list.

      And no Tanner or Sam? Both guys are two-time FD champs and both have tons of experience taking on Japanese drivers.

      I know you spent a lot of time compiling this list but I think you left out some important names.

      I was trying to make a world list not a Formula D list. I honestly do not care if a driver has beaten Americans. I'm impressed with a strategy of being dominant in your own series.

      Sam finished in fourth which isn't bad but not good enough to be considered the best. He also changed chassis, now granted long beach has come and gone I cannot put a driver on the list who finished less then third and then built a brand new car in 3 months.

      Tanner was hard to keep off the list because he was basically coming back with the same setup. But with a 6th place finish plus all the series hes involved with in the USA or Europe I feel he has alot on his plate...maybe too much.

      JR is one of my favorite drivers period. But seriously he needs to make a better habit of finishing his battles. Even though I felt he got robbed @ irwindale last year its still another situation of JR not being able to not leave it up so much to the judges. I'm glad he is doing good so far and if he keeps it up he could land in the mid year report.

      Mad mike did very good in the formula D asia events. Which included drivers like Miki, and Djan

      Thanks for the feedback.
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        #6 Gaz Whitter looks like Rob Pattinson from Twight. LOL!

        Interesting list...

        Mine would look similar as well but w/modifications:

        1.) Haraguchi
        2.) Tanner Foust
        3.) Nomuken
        4.) JR Gitten
        5.) Rhys Millen
        6.) Ryan Tuerck
        7.) Chris Forsberg
        8.) Tyler Mcquarrie
        9.) Alex Pfieffer
        10.) Pat Mordaunt
        11.) Daijiro Yoshihara
        12.) Taka Aono
        13.) Ross Petty
        14.) JTP
        15.) Ken Gushi
        16.) Matt Powers
        17.) Stephen Verdier
        18.) Robbie Nishida
        19.) Mad Mike
        20.) Ryuji Miki

        Obviously, this list is my opinion but I think after the top 5 my list went downhill because I didn't know where to classify the other drivers. All the drivers are great in their own unique way. Taka in his rolla. Steph in his subaru. JR makes hella smoke in his mustang. Pat is so young & talented. Robbie has a great personality & he's so humble & will be drifting the awesome GT-R. Matt has his flushed S14. Ross is lives the BOSO life, drifts amazingly & builds great drift cars. etc, etc, etc.


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          i miss haruguchi


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            I heart Haraguchi. I love his gangster initiation at Irwindale Speedway in the Silk Road S13.5! He needs to teach me to do that gangster initiation!!


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              #5 Phil Morrison. killed it at the weekend!!! winning Round One In awesome style!

              Lets just say his second "sighting lap" of the practice and qualifying day saturday at Silverstone (new Stowe circuit) Was FULL ON!!! And was Ran like a winning Finale run... SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

              Mark Luney Is close to being My Favourite of the UK scene rooted for him all year last year and he won the series!

              Big respect to all Pro/Am what ever series/country drivers. It's a showman's Motorosport and they all put in so so much!


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                One more thing to add after reading through again! UK Ireland and even the Euro boy's that I've seen over the years, I'd say there is HUGE talent to make an interesting world class battle! although I am yet to see Formula D drivers in action IN PERSON at Road Atlanta round 2


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                  What series was this?

                  And in your opinion, which of the series in the UK is superior in your eyes?


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                    It was the BDC round 1.

                    EDC was superior and probably still is but JDM Allstars is getting big quick!
                    Ireland's Prodrift is good too. It seems that drivers kinda float around a lot

                    but EDC is like this now...
                    "All sponsors are supporting the all new invitation only format for this year"
                    Which could mean it's a promotional event or something I don't really know the score with what's going on there. maybe someone else will be able to help.


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                      Originally posted by blaze1 View Post
                      The only thing holding him back is the fact he could not win at his home track of Wall Speedway, seems a bit like a Drift Alliance curse. If I am not mistaken Vaughn Gittin JR is the only member who has ever podiumed on the crude course.
                      Hi Blaze1 -- Wanted to ask you about your thoughts on the Wall, NJ course. (And really anyone feel free to chime in...)

                      I've been going to the FD events in New Jersey for a while and actually am a huge fan of this course -- from a spectator's perspective. You're able to see literally the entire track from most seats and it may be amongst the longest courses that FD runs on, giving plenty of opportunities for shifts in momentum or applying pressure, etc. I can't say that E-Town's track has been as exciting for me to watch things from the couple times I've been up there. (I was in the BP Lounge the year that FD ran there, which may have been worse seats than General Admission.)

                      I can understand that Wall Speedway is not in great shape or offering much in the way of facilities. I'm wondering if drivers dislike this course as well -- maybe it is a bit more dangerous than others? I believe it heavily damaged Ken Gushi's blue Mustang in '07, if not totaled it. Stephan Verdier had a heavy hit last year that literally knocked his tires off, too.

                      I can't claim I've been there since the OG days, I just know it made me smile to see FD back at Wall Speedway for me attending with friends and enjoying the show.

                      On a side note, does anyone know what the official story on Summit Point, WV being a 1 and done is? I know the drivers loved the course. I'm very familiar with the facility and know it isn't necessarily suited for holding a huge event, so maybe that was it. Still love its road courses, though.


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                        Wall speedway is a fans course not a drivers course.

                        Maybe Rhys Millen can chime in, he has had choice words about the track in the past.

                        I have never been there but have watched tons of tape of it and all I can do is feel sorry for the drivers. So that's all I can really say about that.


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                          Originally posted by blaze1 View Post
                          Wall speedway is a fans course not a drivers course.

                          Maybe Rhys Millen can chime in, he has had choice words about the track in the past.

                          I have never been there but have watched tons of tape of it and all I can do is feel sorry for the drivers. So that's all I can really say about that.
                          couldn't have said it better


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                            Makes sense -- I can definitely see it being a nightmare for the drivers.

                            Going down to Georgia soon for FD Atlanta, so I'm interested to see what the Road Atlanta competition is like in person. I've only seen it on video, myself.


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                              I'm anxious to hear your mid-season report....

                              Points Standings after Round 4:

                              1 Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Monster Energy / Falken Tire Ford Mustang 357
                              2 Tanner Foust Rockstar Energy Scion TC 331
                              3 Daijiro Yoshihara Discount Tire / Falken Tire Nissan S13 326
                              4 Ryan Tuerck Mobil 1 / Maxxis Tire / Gardella Racing Solstice 305
                              5 Darren McNamara Falken Tire Saturn Sky 286
                              6 Chris Forsberg NOS Energy Drink / CFR Nissan 350Z 266
                              7 Rhys Millen RMR / Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe 237.50
                              8 Sam Hubinette SHR-Dodge / BF Goodrich Dodge Challenger 231
                              9 Michihiro Takatori BF Goodrich / Exedy Nissan S13 212.50
                              10 Justin Pawlak Ford Racing / Falken Tire Ford Mustang 211.50
                              11 Ken Gushi Scion Racing / RS*R Scion TC 203.50
                              12 Tyler McQuarrie Falken Tire Nissan 350Z 171.50
                              13 Charles Ng Charles Ng Racing Mazda RX-7 166.50
                              14 Ross Petty Falken Tire / Garage Boso Nissan S15 161.50
                              15 Stephan Verdier Royal Purple / Crawford Performance Subaru STI 160
                              16 Forrest Wang BF Goodrich / Drift Emporium Infiniti G35 157.50


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                                Ready within 48 hours....

                                Alot of big changes from the pre season list