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(10 FREE TICKETS) FORMULA DRIFT Las Vegas, August 20th-21st 2010

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    hi my name is Ronny and i would love to win tickets to Formula Ds 5th round in Vegas. Reason i think i should win is because im a huge fan of the Norwegian Driver named Fredric "champ killer" Aasbo, and i will be traveling from Norway to watch him drive against US best Drifters he is a natural talent and i have had the pleasure to get a ride with him in the Norwegian Drifting Series and its hella fun i worked my *Censored**Censored**Censored* off the lasst few months to afford to take a 2 week vacation in the US with Drifting as my main goal to watch Aasbo drive amoungst the best.

    hope my reasons are good enough to deserve a few tickets


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      why I think I deserve to go

      Well first off I have never been to an *actual* drift event and I have a 240sx but i havent even been able to try and drift it yet due to lots of mechanical problems that still have to be fixed but I gots no cash atm even tho i do have 2 jobs so i cant help it really, but anyway all my friends drift and go to competitions and events and tell me how much fun they are and stuff but i never have a had a chance to go really either due to not being able to buy tickets and stuff or hotels or something and well i saw that yall were giving away tickets and so i called up some of my buds that drift and stuff and they said if i were able to win these tickets for us to go then they would pay for the hotel and my food to go all i would have to do is to get off work, so here i am hoping (and praying) that i get to go to this formula drift event in las vegas, and thats another thing i have never been like really far away from home maybe a state or two but im from alabama and ive always wanted to go and see las vegas as well it would just be like an awesome road trip for me and my friends to go on plus i could get ideas on what i want to do for my own 240sx by checking out other peoples cars would finally get to see the best of the best at the sport and lifestyle that we are all striving to achieve success in live, up close, and personal! So thats my story.

      -Clint Watson


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        My fiancÚ and I were going to go to FD Long Beach since we live in San Diego, but she was offered a promotion and had to cancel our mini vacation. Seeing how bummed out I was to go to my first ever FD event watching the live feed on the couch she asked me if there was another race close by. I told her that the closest one would be Vegas in august. She said," ok, so let's go to Vegas!" thinking she was just trying to make me feel better about missing the long beach event, I kinda blew it off and thought little of it. Days later she calls me at work and tells me to request the 19th to the 23rd of august. When I got home that night, she shows me our flight itinerary and our reservations at the Mandalay bay. If I hadn't just taken a crap in the John before she told me this, I'm sure I would have sharted. This was my 28th birthday surprise from her since 1) I've never been to Vegas 2) I've never been to a FD event 3) after working opposite schedules for 2 1/2 years to save on child care hardly ever having a day off together, a weeks vacation for her and I with no baby would be nice. I figured after all she's done, the least I could do is try to get us some free tickets. Wether we win some or not, we will be there!! Thank you for reading my story. See ya in Vegas!!!


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          I would like to be chosen to attend this event, as I dream to become apart of a professional drift team and tour around the U.S.A., And possibly even the world. I'm eighteen and I'm currently working my way to become ASE Certified to help with reaching my dreams and goals... I love working on cars, and driving them even more. It is a great passion of mine, and one I don't think will ever die...

          The thing I would be most excited about if I'm chosen to attend this event, would be the opportunity to meet and talk with a professional drift team. As well as a great time with my friends.

          Please consider me... And thank you for doing this for those who are eligible.


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            these tickets are for active members.
            if you STILL need the tickets then you MUST confirm that you are still attending FD Vegas by this FRIDAY or we will assign the spot to someone else.


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              I'll still be able.

              I can make it!


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                I'll be there garaunteed, but if this is for active forum members then I completely understand! I saw this post off of twitter.


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                  I say if noobs want a piece, do something cool.

                  Make a dope youtube video or something talking about the upcoming event.


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                    Originally posted by TAAASTY View Post
                    I'll be there garaunteed, but if this is for active forum members then I completely understand! I saw this post off of twitter.
                    sorry for not being clear

                    "active" meaning that you check the site frequently

                    some people enter the contest then do not check back more than a week and those are they members who are more likely to lose their spot


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                      I've added you to my auto forums folder on my iPhone.


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                        we have too many requests for these tickets so no more submissions will be accepted after Tuesday.


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                          Originally posted by Julie View Post
                          There aren't many girls who are in such a high level of automotive competition, and I strive to learn and just have fun. I've never gone to see a Formula Drift competition before, but I have wanted to for a long time. I do go to open practices, such as Dai's Academy back in September last year to practice. I drove a few cars, such as a friend's '94 rx-7, my bro's '92 mr2, and my very own '90 w58 manual converted cressida with a welded diff (now has r154 tranny + 1.5jz + soon-to-have serial9 coilovers + a few other things) you can tell from my own cressida's description, I spend most my money on my Cressida.

                          I have a lot of fun driving at practices, and I would greatly appreciate being blessed with this opportunity to see professionals who actually do what I love--I really think it would help me. I look forward to seeing these professionals compete and hope to gain something from it. Plus, I'm trying to get a few of my girlfriends to get into this field, and I think this event would definitely do that for them.

                          I'm from southern California, but would definitely drive out/take the train out to Las Vegas if I were able to get some tickets for a few of friends and myself. If you guys can, please help me out!

                          Julie Van
                          if you still need a ticket then please respond on this thread by the end of Monday.


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                            Originally posted by IntecRacing View Post
                            sign us up!

                            if you still need a ticket then please respond on this thread by the end of Monday.


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                              Originally posted by SYNY5TER View Post
                              As a korean Drift enthusiast, drifting is a part of my life. Every time when my friends look at me they look at me as a Mustang/Drift Freak. Living in a nice town Rancho Palos Verdes; mostly everyone drives a luxury car, exotic cars, and some tuner cars. I'm the only one who doesnt care about luxury or looking fast. 10 sec races bores me, drifting excites me.

                              I drive the 2006 Ford Mustang V6. ppl look at me as if its a lil baby car, but really this is no ordinary V6 mustang. Its on its way to becoming a drift car, and hoping to make it to the Pro Am Drifting, and Formula Drift.

                              Every formula drift event i go to brings me goosebumps all the time. Its basically like heaven in my eyes. Not only do I enjoy the event i study the tactics and the car specs. Im also looking forward to getting used to the course. So sometime in the future if i get in to Formula D i wont be surprised to see the course. I would plan ahead and kno the course in Las Vegas.

                              Alex Han!!!

                              if you still need a ticket then please respond on this thread by the end of Monday.


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                                Originally posted by senorchase View Post
                                I am going to make this short and simple. I have been going to Formula Drift events since 2005, a veteran fan from the begining.

                                I live in Northern California and travel to the Sonoma show every year. I have not missed a show since 2005. I have always spread the word on how these events are a MUST SEE ! ! Every year I have taken a person that has never been to a drifting event, and afterwards they cant wait till next year. I recently went to Long Beach, and Irwindale shows for the past 2 years.

                                My favorite driver Ken Gushi and I had a conversation at Long Beach to open up the 2010 season. He knows we travel to all the California shows and we talked about VEGAS. Ken insisted that we roadtrip down to Vegas since the show is wild with the track and at night with the lights. I told him no problem we will be there to support Ken and his team. If I were to win these 10 free tickets I could bring more VIRGIN drift fans, and make one hell of a roadtrip out of it ! Legondary ! Epic ! Money is tight for everyone and any help we can get is great !

                                Oh by the way I forgot, I am 22 and never been to VEGAS ! ! Can you say The Hangover "Drift Style" ! !

                                Chase Osterman - Drift Nut !
                                if you still need a ticket then please respond on this thread by the end of Monday.