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Did Initial D ever actually catch on?

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    Hey, speaking of Initial D, I've noticed that Fourth Stage is already on eBay... which I find odd, since I didn't think fourth stage was even premiering on Japanese TV until April (at least that's what I always read, and what I put on the Fourth Stage listing...).

    Anyway, anyone have any light they can shed on these shady Fourth Stage DVDs?
    Hurry, I'm about to plop down a $20 just to find out what these things are.

    - Nathan


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      TokyoPop's version of the Initial D DVD's aren't doing so well because they suck and they're a little more expensive than the Chinese bootlegs (Japanese dialogue with English or Chinese subtitles options). So, don't buy the TokyoPop version!! The Chinese bootlegs aren't bad at all, IMO.


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        initial D 4th stage

        I saw the same 4th stage dvd at a Car Freak store. I don't think it's the actual season. I heard there was some pay per view special about 4th stage in japan, I think that's what the dvd is


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          I did some research, and I found that Initial D Fourth Stage is only twelve episodes long and will air in two episode segments on Pay Per View television over the next several months. Before the premiere of the first two episodes, they will be airing a special 85-minute recap episode, which I'm assuming is the same as the 'Initial D: Fourth Stage ~Goes to Project D' DVD is (which is also 85 minutes).

          As for Fourth Stage, here's the schedule.
          Ep. 1 & 2 - April 14, 2004
          Ep. 3 & 4 - June 19, 2004
          Ep. 5 & 6 - August 21, 2004
          Ep. 7 & 8 - October 16, 2004
          Ep. 9 & 10 - December 18, 2004
          Ep. 11 & 12 - February 19, 2005

          Yup, that's right, it doesn't end until 2005, so don't expect to get the full subbed version until sometime that summer. OUCH!

          As for the plot. Basically Takumi and his rebuilt Trueno join up with Ryosuke and his 'Kengai Racing Team' (as mentioned in Third Stage) which is also referred to as 'Project D'. The mission of the team? to dominate all the mountain passes in Japan.

          From what I've seen in screenshots and pieced together from manga rumors, etc... Takumi gets a carbon fiber hood at some point, Keisuke gets a very nice (Veilside, I think) body kit, at least I think that's Keisuke's yellow FD, it might be a new one. As for opponents, apparently ep. 1 & 2 involves a red MX-5 against Takumi, and I've also seen shots of Keisuke's FD racing a black R34.

          Also, the animation has been given a more cel-shaded approach so that it doesn't look quite as out-of-place when in the same shot as an animated character. Hopefully this won't ruin everything.

          Tak- Tak- TAKUMI!
          - Nathan


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            I think the body kit keisuke get's is mazdaspeed.... it's the one that covers the 99' spec lights and makes em lok longer.... veiliside kit's are kinda organic looking except the d1gt kit (oooOOooo god I want that kit)


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              You mean the Mazdaspeed Type 2 aero kit on the yellow fd?
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                Yeah, that's the one. Actually I meant to include the link to the Japanese page where I got all the dates and saw the pics. (Granted, you're not going to see Takumi's carbon fiber hood on here, but he does get one in the manga, and I've seen some Initial D toys with the CF hood on).


                Have fun. Oh, and for any eurobeat fans out there, Move is indeed still doing the opening theme. I've heard it's a track called 'World's End ~Rebirth~', but I've yet to confirm that nor locate the song.

                "Road Racers have to accept challenges, right?"
                - Takumi Fujiwara

                "Avex mode just has to accept that they're ripping off all the Initial D fans out there, right?"
                - Nathan


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                  Im a huge initial d fan, I've got stage 1 and 2 and the three movies so far. I cant wait to see stage four, the pics look pretty cool. Im still waiting for the version 3 arcade too.


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                    movies...? what? do tell.


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                      Yeah the movies, the third stage movie( the cars look super real). The extra stage movie that like a spinoff with Mako and Simone. and the battle stage movie that recaps all of Takumi's battles plus all the races are re-mastered or re-computer animated. Initial D rules
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                        Stage One & Stage Two were TV series (1st stage was a full season of 26 episodes, 2nd stage was a half-season at a mere 13 episodes).

                        Stage Three was a full-blown big screen theatrical release (100 min movie).

                        Stage Four is going to be a TV series shown via Pay Per View only (with a meager 12 episodes stretched out over ten months from April 2004 to February 2005).

                        Extra Stage is an OAV DVD with two 'side story' episodes about Mako, Sayuki and their blue SilEighty which takes place during the events of Second Stage and Third Stage.

                        Battle Stage is a collection of all the battles from 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages set to eurobeat music with improved CGI.

                        (Maybe someone could confuse Third, Extra and Battle as being three individual movies...?)

                        Arcade Stage is the arcade game (duh).

                        Special Stage is the PS2 game.

                        There's also an 'Initial D' PS1 game, as well as a planned PC game entitled 'Initial D: Mountain Vengence'.

                        The DVD entitled 'Initial D: Fourth Stage ~Goes to Project D', is simply an 85 minute recap of Stages 1-3 to lead up to Fourth Stage.

                        I think I'm starting to repeat myself. Hope that fills in all the holes for you.

                        - Nathan

                        P.S. - Despite all efforts, Auto Modellista is NOT Initial D in any way shape or form.

                        P.S.S. - FC Guy, please don't call him Tak, Tokyopop calls him Tak, and Toykopop ruined Initial D. He's just Takumi to me.
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                          Sorry about that, my bad.


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                            I've never read the manga but I do know that there are several battles that have been featured that weren't in the anime.

                            Before Project D
                            1. Keisuke vs Integra Type R (turbocharged)
                            2. Takumi vs Civic Type R w/cf hood
                            I believe these occur after Project D
                            1. Keisuke vs R34 driven by pro racecar driver
                            2. Takumi (c/f hood) vs Altezza
                            3. Takumi (c/f hood) vs the Eunos roadster (miata)
                            4. Bunta buys a WRX STI and races Takumi!!!

                            Now here's an interesting note, the Miata is owned by the racer's girlfriend, and if my hunch is correct it's the same girl you see at the end of Third Stage the Movie. She drives a red Eunos, the same color as the one that battles Takumi.


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                              Bunta VS Takumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I can't lie, I did have ALOT of fun with Auto Modellista, custom graphics that formed the tofu shop characters on the trueno and painting the body kit panels primer gray on my 200+mph squareback civic Si. The only people that could beat me online wre the frikkin cheaters, bastards.
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                                American never know what is drifting that's why initial d suck in america. American like fast car that go straight only like nascar.