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  • now i know you're gonna say.....

    anything can drift, it's true.
    but i've been thinking, and here's my thought(s)....

    the cars "everyone" drift tend to have similiar qualities (rwd, light, somewhat fast, good center balances, obvious things).
    so I'm wondering what newer cars out there have the same qualities that would make a drifters of similiar values?

    I mean, many of the RWD cars are either heavy (mustang, camero, etc.) or small (s2000, z4, miata) or boxy (350z somewhat, rx8, bmw).

    so i'm wondering, where have all the "classic" drift designs gone???????

    you don't see the mid-size size, economy-size weight, and the regular-size power anymore....

    where, oh where, have they gone???

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    Running in the 90s!


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      Times change man. Nowadays everyone is trying to go for the retro look. I think the 'classic' drift designs are just that ... classics. Thats just how the cars were made back then. The only way it will go from here is different designs and different looks. Auto manufacturers are trying to sell cars to the general public, I doubt they even care what the cars will be used for aside from daily commuting. As long as people buy it they will continue to make it. So if the market is demanding more of these retro styled cars, then thats what they're gonna build. My recommendation is to stick with the classics if thats what you like. Dont expect auto manufacturers to design special cars just for the drift community. Take what they make and modify it to your liking, then drift the heck out of it. Maybe I misunderstood the question, but thats my .02


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        Its true, there arent really any hardcore drift cars comming out. Theres a few promising designs but...

        Lets face it a good drift vehichle is a good sports car. Light weight, well balanced, Cheap. These days people think sports cars have to be 60 thousand dollar porche boxsters.. I dont know why a sports car is suposed to be cheap,

        Its one of those things that i wish a company like toyota with its Scion brand would work on. A light weight RWD car with a peppy engine. under 20K, preferable around 15K, only options AM/FM Radio and Air conditioning.

        haha that would rock.


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          Well, Pontiac is coming out with the Solstice. And, other cars are going to be made on the same platform. I think those cars will be great new age drift machines. Also, ive heard some talk from the C.E.O. of Scion about making an affordable rwd car. He thinks that Drifting is a cool scene and he want everyone to keep an eye out for Scions future products.


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            Basically you're asking for an off the wall, not in the ordinary drift car.

            Well how about Lexus (soarer) that's a mid-size sport coupe. Some of the infinity products (q45)? They're new. But they tend to be in the luxury side of the car industry.

            Try around that area


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              you can drift anything. All the cars that companies make are for day to day use. If a company actually wanted to make a machine for drifting purpose only they would already come with good supension, only two seats, and absouluty no extras to make the car heavier like A/C, radio, and so forth. If you really wanted to you could probabl drift a bus.
              Now that 240 is not really a drift car and was not made for drifting, thats just the cars most top drifters use cus its so cheap to maintain.


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                Classic drift design? it's just a tad early to say classic isn't it?
                I think classic and I think old. Like 68 camaro old, like 77 240z old...
                Not that the cars aren't neat and all...


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                  An old drift machine is a Datsun 300Z. Now thats going old skool. Best believe.


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                    i personally think those ones are the ugly 300's... especially when i saw one slammed with those ugly azz 13 inch wheels sticking 3 inches out of the side fenders... but yeah... thats just how i dont like em.


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                      the S2000 and Z4 are larger than the AE86... they have longer wheelbases, so they'd be easier to drift, and they've got plenty of power. they're under 3000 lbs, but not too small. the only problem with these cars is the lack of a hard top. you'd have to cage it up to be able to enter drift events.... i dunno what the D1 rules are regarding convertibles.

                      the miata is smaller than the AE86, but it's the closest thing to it that's available now. the wheelbase is shorter, making it a bit harder to drift, but the power and weight are about the same. (well, the power is higher than a stock AE86, but about the same as a 20v)

                      the Roadster Coupe (miata coupe) that was released in japan is pretty much the perfect modern replacement for the AE86. a stylish 2-door hardtop coupe, about 2400 lbs, 160hp, rwd... and VERY sexy. too bad they only made 300 of them.

                      soon, though, Pontiac will release the Solstice, and other cars will be released using the same platform, including a coupe by Saturn. i think this is exactly what drifters (well, drifters with money) have been waiting for.

                      now, as for the last category you listed... when picking a car suitable for drift, the "boxiness" of the car is the last thing that should be on your mind. the RX-8 is a great car, and could easily be used for drift. the wheelbase is longer than the 240sx and AE86 that're more commonly used, but other than that, it's got some great qualities to it. most of the cars that come out nowadays are going to have the same style, since that's the trend in new cars.

                      if you want the "classic drift style," go buy one of the "classic drift cars." nobody's going to release a blocky, angular, ugly old box like the AE86 ever again, and they're not gonna be releasing a blobby, featureless 240sx, either.

                      as for new cars, here's what's available:

                      Lexus IS 300 - variety of engine options, not too heavy when using the japanese engine.
                      BMW Z4 - sexy, under 3000lbs, good power, convertibles get you laid.
                      Mazda Miata - lightweight, ample power, a challenging but fun car....closest thing to a modern AE86.
                      Honda S2000 - revvy engine, under 3000lbs, improved handling
                      Nissan 350z - kinda heavy, plenty of power
                      Ford Mustang - variety of available engines, about as heavy as the 350z, wheelbase isn't too long, LOTS of available power
                      Subaru Impreza WRX - easy to convert to RWD, just need to beef up the rear differential... good wheelbase, good weight (could be lighter, but good nowadays), plenty of power available.
                      Chevrolet Corvette - the car isn't really that heavy, compared to the larger cars that're drifted nowadays (3100 lbs), and the wheelbase isn't long (104 inches...nowadays that's shorter than normal)...and 405 hp is nice.
                      Mazda RX8 - 3029 lbs, 106.4" wheelbase, 238hp (wait for a turbo kit)... i think the lack of available power options is the only thing keeping this car out of drift events.

                      that's a pretty wide selection, but chances are you kids will find something wrong with every one of them and sit around thinking about "the good ol' days" and the "classic drift cars," with their "classic" oil leaks and rust.


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                        Re: now i know you're gonna say.....

                        Originally posted by vervius
                        anything can drift, it's true.
                        no, it's not.


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                          Originally posted by kaneda
                          no, it's not.
                          yes it is


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                            can a dead man drift? what about a bird? a fish?

                            a tree?


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                              Any vehicle. Well, not ANY vehicle. Try an AWD w/ 15 hp.