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3000GT in Super Street.....good or bad?

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  • 3000GT in Super Street.....good or bad?

    I read an article in Super Street on a shop that did a 3000GT. In the article the owner says "this car is meaner than a GTR or a Supra, I know cause I've owned those 2 cars." Now I've always loved this car, even before I liked imports at all, cause it looked good, was twin turbo and according to the add could do 152 mph. Now my question is, with the owner saying that to thousands of GTR worshiping ricers, do you think that the ricers will flock to the 3000GT or do you think they'll leave it alone due to the price. I hope the publicity doesn't do what it did to the 86 when drifting caught on, cause one day I wanna own one of these babys.

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    It's just one little article. Won't put a new car in style. Maybe if those mags start doing alot of articles on 3ks =\


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      Theres one in Sport compact car this month.

      Hell if they jump to that bandwagon maybe they will leave S13s alone


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        that would be nice to see


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          The ricer will not care about the GTO because it heavy. Ricer will go for Honda or Acura. For me I will buy it any ways because I really like the GTO when I first saw them.


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            Yeah i have always liked 3000gt's as well, too bad i haven't seen too many around here . Oh well i guess i am lucky though, there aren't too many people that really want 240sx's around me, they all stayed with civics and integra's.

            - Peace


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              i already think its starting to catch on...ive seen a few nice 3000gt around my house...but then i saw a couple with ugly *Censored**Censored**Censored* body kits and one with a rediculous wing...


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                those are nice looking cars. I don't like them much cause it's hard to work on and heavyweight.


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                  i love the 3000GT, always have, but man do i hate dodge stealths,

                  is it just me or did dodge practically copy the whole design.........

                  and if theres one thing i hate, its american cars.......i hope some of you agree


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                    why do you hate american cars? are you too jdm? my mom owns a 2000 explorer limited and i think its a damn nice car...and i think saleens and cobras are nice too...i donno why you dont like american cars...

                    edit: oh yeah...the explorer is LHD in japan...we shipped it from family is domestic at heart


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                      Copy? hell no, Dodge just paid Diamond star motors ( I think Chrysler owns them now anyways) to build some cars for em. the Stealth, the Avenger, the Eagle Talon, the Plymoth Laser, the Duster, most 4cyl. Chrysler motors.

                      why copy someone when you can just pay em to make em for you and slap on a badge?

                      Its the American way.

                      *good for you importing an Explorer to J-Pan. I think that would be sweet bombing the expressways in an american car. I always wondered if it would be a lucrative venture to get into importing American cars, like Muscle and BIG trucks and lowriders and what not to J-pan. I have heard of it, but never seen a japanese lowrider (like an Impala or old Riviera or something) I know they guzzle gas, but some Japanese are loaded down w. money too.


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                        The stealth and the 3000gt are the same car it was a joint venture between the two companies to develope the car. I think they are both dope in the AWD twin turbo package. Why do people hate American cars its so riducolous, every car is seperate from where its produced and even what company makes it, if its a good car its a good car PERIOD regardless of what nationality it is dont be racists guys.


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                          hah GTR owns the 3000gt, it doesnt even come close.


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                            i guess your right... if a car is cool, then it doesnt really matter what country makes it........i just hate it when a guy at my school drives a 67 mustang and thinks hes the hottest *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* in the world

                            around where i live....which is in so-cal near a lot of you.......most every guy 16-28 owns a ford f-150 ..........and then makes it as high up a freakin monster truck....

                            i guess when i wrote the post about hating american cars i was just thinking about nascar (what the mainstream american likes) where they waste millions of dollars driving in a circle 500 times

                   kinda pisses me off

                            i guess what i meant is that i hate hicks


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                              I'd say a good battle between GTR's and GTO's/3000GTs
                              similar platforms.. twin turbo, all wheel drive, all wheel steering

                              The ideal world would be having a skyline GTR-34 for winter and and a 3000GT vr4 spyder for summer..

                              try to remember too when comparing numbers its the time of the R32's and R33's when the GTO/3000GT's were around. g..

                              BTW, 3000GT is a better car cause they actually sold it to us North Americans..