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3000GT in Super Street.....good or bad?

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    did you guys see the Ultimate street car challange II where the guy who thought he was a badass with the 3000gt got his butt handed to him?

    GTR does not equal 3000gt

    Thats the mystery of the 3000gt, How can it have similar equipment to the GTR and not perform simularly. Probably has to do with its weight.. i know the GTR isnt light, but the R32s werent very heavy, and each new version of the GTR had little tricks to increase its performance.


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      If you want compare cars in that sense it comes down to has the most cash to put the trickest things in their ride!

      the rb26 in the skyline is undoubtedly better for upgrades than the 3000gt but I'd rather compare them in a stock stat..

      the r33's definitely edges out the 3000gt in performance.

      All those gadgets and luxury options on the 3000gt sure weight it down... 400 lbs heavier than a r33..
      Infinity sound system, dual mode suspension, dual mode exhaust.. *sigh*though with the extra weight its no that far off from the r33..


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        There are a few serious 3000gt enthusiest out there, one was featured in a recent SCC or some other magazine, i dont really recall.

        But im sure stripped down and lightly upgraded they are serious cars.


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          Originally posted by Freeway
          *good for you importing an Explorer to J-Pan. I think that would be sweet bombing the expressways in an american car. I always wondered if it would be a lucrative venture to get into importing American cars, like Muscle and BIG trucks and lowriders and what not to J-pan. I have heard of it, but never seen a japanese lowrider (like an Impala or old Riviera or something) I know they guzzle gas, but some Japanese are loaded down w. money too.
          I think Driftextreme said many Japanese kids want 64 Impala lowriders like the rappers have, but I've heard there are some pretty wild F-Bodies and some Mustangs down there. Personally I'd love to go cruisin around Japan in a big Super Duty Diesel (with full load of Banks diesel components) during the day and then unleash a Z06 at night. (And yes I do realize how high gas prices are in Japan)