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  • 240sx Conversion

    i am purchasing a 240sx arond January, and i was wondering if i could convert it into an S14 or S15. I mean a full conversion including right hand drive and everything. If yall do know where i can get what i need please let me know i have already starting saving and the 240 is in the bag.

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    ive seen a s13 front end of a 240sx. but im dont know of any resources that could help you out.

    And i my self was going to get a 240, but i dont understand the difference with the tail lights, some 240's have those round bubbles for tailights, which i like. just wanted to know what that was all about.


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      why would you want to go through all that?

      ...if anything, go ahead and get an s14(they're available in the states as the 94-97 240sx) and, you know, do the whole s15 thing(front bumper, headlights, fenders, the works)

      ...check venus-auto for the parts, they usually go for pretty cheap there

      ...but yeah, the whole right hand drive thing, entirely too expensive and just plain unnecessary.


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        Converting to right-hand drive in the States is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. But what am I thinking? That shits got to be JDM tight, yo'.


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          why not spend the money it'd cost to make it right hand drive to actually import a real S15???


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            u got a good point there probably would be


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              it probably has something to do with years


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                US spec s13 240sx fastback

                US spec s13 240sx coupe / s13 silvia j spec

                J spec kouki 180sx


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                  This is real J spec 180sx the 2 above are converted US 240sx

                  What happened to Komatsu he was the man....
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                    yeah, what the hell DID happen to komatsu-san

                    ...he was the ish!
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                      so i can get s14's in the states or s13s? Bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* where can i find one and how much do they go for.


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                        yes u can get a s14 240sx in the united states



                        REMEMBER in the united states u can only get s13 and s14 240sx's

                        NOT SILVIAS!


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                          Originally posted by 240drifter
                          so i can get s14's in the states or s13s? Bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* where can i find one and how much do they go for.
                          Honestly folks quit asking where you can find used cars. theres not some secret spot where all used cars are sold. You find them on the internet, in used car add books, in used car lots, around town. Honestly stop and think about it for a minute.

                          You should do some more basic research on the 240sx first. Honestly you need to if you didnt know they sold S14s. Remember read before asking.


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                            240sx's aren't really "special cars".They're quite a few to pass around,just avoid the overpriced ones.Like any car,you might find them ridiculousy cheap,or ludicrously overpriced.

                            An example,a 240sx being sold for $51,900 over here.


                            I could have over 40 Silvias shipped here for that


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                              I suggest you get the car first before you go off rebuilding it into somthing that you coulda paid $2K more for that was right down the street...