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2007 GT-R (Big News and PICS)

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  • 2007 GT-R (Big News and PICS)

    Well, I have just recently received the new issue of Road and Track (August 2004) and inside there was a half page blurb(and PIC!) of the new GT-R. Well, it seems LOTUS, yes LOTUS has been drafted to fine tune the handling, including the suspension and steering. That's not the best part yet. The GT-R's engine will be a VQ outsourced to COSWORTH and will make 450hp with the possibality of a turbo(s). A prototype has been spotted numerous times. Here, at last from the R&T issue itself, the next GT-R

    Also, the issue has a sweet article about the 350Z "elegant" version (the longtail) and a 5 page article about the drift event at Laguena Seca. Pick it up.
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    Man 450 horse power.. Not bad not bad! this thing should have no problem running down the vette

    Im attaching a photoshoped version of the above image, with horizontal headlights instead of vertical (if its the right pic) that i think looks alittle better.

    It says the M5 better watch out.. Hell the Porsche 911 turbo and the C6 Corvette needs to watch out... Not tomention it may be nipping at the heels of the viper.
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      yes! it's verivied nowjust think of nissans performance line up:
      sentra se-r, s-16 silvia, z-33 350z, and the r-36(or v-36 not shure) skyline GT-R so cool!


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        That one does look better, looks more like the R34 lights. I don't have a pic of the back, but I bet more magazines will start to leak them out (I have 5 different car magazines so I will update you all) You can tell it takes after the G35 but i think it is really, really bad. It looks likea SUV ( my older brother thought it was a new truck!) if they would have just added some body pannels to the G35 it would be alot better (but that would be just like the NISMO version...) I think the reign of the GT-R has been tainted in the looks dept. but that is my own opinion. if you look it even looks like the back slope of the rear glass has been changed. i don't like it at all, expect for the Lotus tubed suspension and Cosworth turboed VQ with 450hp...


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          Carl - Aqua Teen hunger Force
          "Sweeeeet, Sweeet Necta'!"
          Hell yeah... now I would definatly drive that. B-E-A-utiful
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            looks kinda like the eclipse concept


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              1st one's headlights: 350z
              2nd one's headlights: lancer


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                i dont like it. I like the engineering ideas, but i really dont like the body style, hopefully it will grow on me, or they will change it. I hope for the later.


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                  WOW WE DONT LIVE IN SOME SUPER FUTURISTIC FLOATING CITY. sorry had to vent. whats with all the car people making cars look so futuristic (sp?) when it just looks funny. I wish we could go back to the 90's when cars still looked normal. just my humble opinion. but im fine with the performance


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                      Every GTR that has ever come out has looked ugly at first. They all grow on you. I remember hating the R34 when it first arrived in Japan, and the 350z, and the Soarer. They have all grown on me.
                      Ernie Fixmer
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                        I have to agree with ernie... the guy who said they are designing all cars "futuristicly" is a good example.. he described cars from the 90s as normally.. well in the early 90s those "normal" cars all looked futuristic and wierd. You just need to get used to it. I've noticed people tend to be very xenophobic when it comes to knew car designs. But after 10 years they consider that look to be normal and okay.


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                          mainly my problem is with the simpler cars of yesteryears they were an easy canvas to build apon. these new cars are all wierd and dont seem like they accept bodykits and the such as easily. i dunno maybe its just me


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                            My friend found
                            This Site

                            I'm not sure as to the legitimacy of the website, but what it shows makes me pray that it is.

                            According to the website:

                            "Estimated (unofficial) specs

                            DOHC 32 Valve 4.5L V-8
                            or DOHC 24 Valve 3.5L V-6 Turbo
                            Approx. 400 BHP
                            Next Gen Attessa AWD
                            6 Speed Getrag MT
                            20 inch tires/wheels"

                            Something that will make all you Americans happy is that they are planning to sell it worldwide and accomadate you left-hand drivers.

                            "Today, with left-hand drive, GT-R is prepared to cross national boundries as well. It is poised to finally become a legitimate contender in the global arena of ultimate road vehicles"

                            -Carlos Ghosn
                            Nissan CEO & President

                            How it will pass your emission laws is yet to be confirmed


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                              Fresh Alloy is pretty credible. When I was looking at a 350z at the dealership they were trying to hook me up with some sort of membership or promotion with So yea its pretty credible. As for the engine, I heard it would be a 3.0 liter twin turbo V6 or possible 3.2L or 3.3L we will just have to wait and see.

                              I might start putting money away for this for a graduation present.