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"The Dukes of Dr1ft" (music video)

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  • "The Dukes of Dr1ft" (music video)


    Well, I just finished making another video. Yeah I guess the name is a bit cheesy, but once I got inspired I kind of had to go with it. This one took quite a bit longer to make than I had originally planned. Go figure because I'm a perfectionist I spend way too much time changing and tweaking the thing. Screw after effects and all that sh#t, I just put the time into finding the right shots and making it all flow well.

    Anyways, hopefully you'll all enjoy some of this action. No crowds, hype, sponsors, judges, DJ's, skank ho's (cept for Jesse)... no import model drift poseurs... no 2nd gear parking lot bullsh*t here. Just a bunch of friends f'ing around & kicking it with lots of full throttle 3rd gear crap yer pants fun for the whole family.

    As with all my vids, I don't degrade them by making them crappy little wmv or mov files with junk video/sound quality just to save you 20mb of HD space. It's high quality mpeg1, so watch it in full screen mode, and don't be afraid to crank the volume and give them thighs a slap you big ol fruitcakes.

    The Dukes of Dr1ft
    RIGHT CLICK, Save file (39MB),

    --MIRROR SITE (Requires login):

    The Dukes of Dr1ft
    RIGHT CLICK, Save file (39MB), enter login, unzip, then view.

    login: gangsta
    password: yakuza

    Probably many of you have never seen the show that inspired this video, or you maybe went and saw the remake to see what it was about. But I grew up watching reruns as a little kid and never forgot how much I loved that show along with all the other great ones like McGyver, A-Team, Knight Rider, Misfits of Science, etc. not like all this reality show idol wannabe garbage they shovel out today. Anyways, if you've never seen original Dukes you can DL the opening to one of the best damn shows evar:

    DOH Intro
    RIGHT CLICK, Save file

    Okay, hope you all enjoy the vid. And I always enjoy the feedback.

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    Another A+ Video from you, i loved tyhis one, that bronze S13 was hawt, and that yellow RX-2(?) was also cool, what happend to that AE86 that it got whoallaped like that?


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      very nice vid, loved it.

      poor AE86 that ended up with a busted front lip though


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        all yeah, another sweet vid. Awesome


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          Rock on. I love the early corolla!


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            website temporarily disabled??


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              very nice video what is the second song?

              i havnt posted in like a month!


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                Looks like I used up Matt's bandwidth. Updated link so you should be able to download after entering login and password.

                FireEmblem: He hit one mother racoon...

                zdss14: check the credits.


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                  what's the login info?


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                    that bronze s13 is getting some major angle


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                      great video. lol marc anthony during credits.


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                        really nice vid once again neko

                        like everyone else said, that bronze s13 is sick...
                        but i want to see more of your one-via....


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                          always great vids!! i would never hesitate to DL a nekopunch vid!!!

                          im thinkin about gettin a editin program soon....i just dont have much good footage.....


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                            the video keeps lagging for me no sound. it plays like two frames and then freezes there


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                              Originally posted by dreamdrivedrift
                              that bronze s13 is getting some major angle
                              THANKS EVERYONE!!!!! that was me ;-) I just wish I had some aftermarket tie rods and spacers for even more angle (not to mention I keep breaking the stock ones).

                              And a big thanks to NekoPunch!!!!! That was probably the most fun I have ever had at an event.

                              KA24E 4 life
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