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My SR20 Datsun 510 Project

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  • My SR20 Datsun 510 Project

    after about 10 mo of sitting in my garage and not doing much, i decided to get the project underway.

    small rundown

    S14 SR20
    full coilovers/suspension
    adjustable rear cross member
    11" front rear 10" brakes
    hydro ebrake
    FULL interior and Exterior restore
    full cage
    all new bushings/joints
    ditch gear box and fab in a rack n pinion.

    more pics

    the paint, toyota thunder cloud metallic, inspired by charles' s14 (in super street last month, you can see me in the drivers seat or the sticker on the rear bumper)

    stripped to nothing at $hawns (paint) shop.

    being the lazy *Censored**Censored**Censored* $hawn is, to get the holes filled in the engine bay, i had to do myself

    step one: clean the holes

    step two: fill the holes. its a hole, so you have to start at the edges and fill to the middle obviously.

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    step 2.5 - get molested while welding

    step 2.75 - put out the fires you caused after heating up the opposite side of the metal

    step 3- grind them

    Thats one, now there are 63 left. Luckily I only have about 10-15 more to do.

    One fender done. Where that fiberglass is, use to be a transparent hole.


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      Awesome start!


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        71 datsun 510, restore and KA-T



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          plugn up holes on ur car mustof made ur friend a lil ancy


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            Originally posted by Mike Peters


            yea, i need to update my sig, its a SR now

            SR > KA reliability & weight balance


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              well...power/torque curves - KA>SR

              smoothness, (very)rev-happy, weight SR>KA


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                350-400WHP reliable every day SR, KAs break over 250-280 on a normal basis.


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                  ls1 breaks nevar

                  ka can go higher than that, just too many ghetto ones make a bad name for all ka-t, mine included lol


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                    i was going to do a 302 twin turbo motor. Once i actually wedged the motor in the engine bay i realized how much fab work that I didnt want to do.


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                      Nice project. I had a '68 with an l16 and dual webbers that was fun as hell. I was all setup to do an sr swap when I ended up selling it for a street bike. You using a mount kit of doing the work custom? Mad Dat makes a very clean mount kit.


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                        no need for a mount kit. the stock brackets with the 510 mounts bolt right in, then just fab up a simple tranny mount to hold it up.


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                          Hehe, your doing a project that I want to eventually do in the future. Originally I wanted to get a 510 and just drop a SR20 in there, but I have a S130 now so If anything I might drop the L28ET into a 510 in the future. Well hope your build up goes well and hope you keep us up to date.


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                            cut up some sheet metal today to weld behind the large holes in my engine bay. after welding from behind, i then welded them from the inside. i got tired of doing them ( only 2 left) So I started on smoothing everything out for paint. Both fenders and hood are done.


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                              i wasnt too concerned about how the welding inside the car looked since it was going to be covered with carpet.