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    CrazyHawaiin, weren't you in GRIP video volume 2? All I gotta say is that Camaro's can drift.

    Oh, haha, to stay on topic, I guess I'm the only kid in here with a permit who drives a Civic. And guess what? I got back from Drift Showoff with all of these Falken drift stickers and my dad wanted to put them on the Civic. Man, I wanted to save them for my first "drift car" but he put all of them on the car. The Civic's pratically stock except for custom hub caps and a muffler tip. I actually got to stow away one Falken sticker, out of a hand full, with the thumbs up picture worded "drift" in my closet.
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      what is the point of advertising for something you paid money for. i guess i just dont see the point of doing that but if its your company that is cool because if a company is big enough to be in.....8 magazines then i just dont get it. if it is a young gun such as then it makes sense. stickers for car clubs make sense too because it is always good to start up intrest.


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        u gotta represent wat ur rockin


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          id rather have a sleeper like that festiva "*Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* box" in sport compact car. i dont remember what engine it was but a festiva for a sleeper would be the greates sleeper of all time. if i had one i would smash it with a baseball bat to make it seem even worse. sorry for going off track