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JGTC worst crash vid...very crazy/scary

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  • JGTC worst crash vid...very crazy/scary

    scared the poop out of me.....

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    damn, poor ferrari driver. When did that crash happen of what round of JGTC?


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      the vid says 1998, i was waiting for the driver to come out but he never does

      I wish I could see the whole race, any of you know where to buy the videos


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        the driver lived.

        he was dragged from the car by other drivers.

        he won a lawsuit for the damages/injuries he suffered.


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          who did he sue and why?


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            yeah, how could you sue or what or who would you sue?

            but that was a pretty bad crash, what about the people in the flag box, it looks like it happens right under them and the ball of fire had to hit them


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              dude, thats fuc-king sad, i really do hope he lived, and were the hell are the guys with the damn fire extinguishers, he was in there for well over 30 seconds, damn


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                Wow.... that really is scary... that just made me scared of practicing in the rain.


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                  I've seen that guy on TV once, yea he survived the crash but he's fuc ked up now. had to make a new nose by using his lip and everything. pretty sad


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                    Speaking of crash videos...

                    there's this video I saw of a white Lancer Evolution that was racing, he was drifting, and passing up a lot of Porsches and old-style roadsters, but then he understeers in one turn and flips several times after hitting a wall.

                    I was wondering if anyone has seen this video and whether the driver survived. The car was messed up big time.


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                      Mainichi Shimbun
                      "I still love car racing," Ota said after the ruling.

                      Tetsuya Ota fell well short of getting the 300 million he had been asking from the five organizers and the marshal of the 1998 race where he suffered severe burns that ruined his driving career, but received the vindication he had been looking for.

                      "The crash was caused when the flag car suddenly slowed down," Presiding Judge Tsuyoshi Ono said. "Firefighting and rescue preparations were also not up to scratch."

                      Ota was delighted with the court win. "I would like to thank everybody who has supported me along the way," the 43-year-old once referred to as Japan's best Ferrari handler said in the wake of the ruling.

                      Those ordered to pay Ota include Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture, where the horrifying crash occurred, and TV Tokyo, which broadcast the race.

                      None of the defendants have stated whether they will appeal against the ruling, including TV Tokyo, which spent the entirety of the court battle arguing that it could not be regarded as one of the race organizers.

                      Court records said Ota's terrifying crash occurred during a warm-up lap before the official start of the race in May 1998. Ota's car burst into flames after slamming into another vehicle that had already stopped because of a different accident.

                      Ota was stuck in the fireball for almost 90 seconds before rescuers finally dragged him out. He sustained burns across his body and is still unable to move his right arm, right shoulder and fingers properly.

                      Judges ruled the flag car should have been traveling at about 60 kilometers per hour instead of the 150 kilometers it was doing, and caused the accident by slowing too quickly. Ota was forced to unexpectedly drop his pace and, as a result, he lost control and smash into the stationary vehicle.

                      They also decided that Ota was left in his flaming vehicle for too long and organizers had neglected their responsibility to get him out of the burning car within 30 seconds of the blaze erupting.

                      A pre-race agreement between Ota and the organizers not to pursue legal action in the event of an accident was also dismissed as unacceptable.

                      "A letter that tries to eliminate one party from taking any responsibility for major accidents caused by gross negligence is incorrect, unfair and not void in this court," presiding judge Ono said.

                      TV Tokyo's attempt to avoid being regarded as one of the race organizers was dismissed by the court, which ruled it was involved in sufficient decisions made about the race to be viewed as one of the organizations directly concerned with running it.

                      Ota made his debut in 1982, racing in the Formula 3000 series before switching to GT car races in which he competed in four straight Le Mans 24-hour races. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Oct. 29, 2003)"


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                        Oh man that's so sad... It's just *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*3d up!. About the lancer,... there was a thread before. use your search button. To make it easier 4 ya


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                          ive said this before and i stand by it. Japan has the worst trained safety crews in all of motorsport. f1, Nascar american drag racing and domestic and foriegn dirt track cres all have fires firgured out. ive seem too many videos of safety crews trying to put out car fires when car fires dont mean *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*. The first thing that needs to be put out, the burning car isnt a danger to anyone but the driver and the rescuers. a guy in a fire suit can walk into a burning car and pull out a burning drive in well under 90 seconds(safety crews most of the time wear heavier flame suits)> Ha anyone seen the japanese nascar(stick car racing i dont know the organization) where they get the driver out and he runs off to the side only to have to stop drop and roll because the idiot safety crew is trying to put out the car?



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                            well first off putting out a car fire isnt that easy because you cant just throw water on it and if it catches the fuel tank then they are in for a nice explosion. but its not like they have an excuse to not be prepared either because its not like they expected a house fire yah know.


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                              Originally posted by frictionfighter
                              well first off putting out a car fire isnt that easy because you cant just throw water on it and if it catches the fuel tank then they are in for a nice explosion. but its not like they have an excuse to not be prepared either because its not like they expected a house fire yah know.
                              explain to me in what way anything in the post makes any sense in relation to the topic.