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What cars are Good and affordable for drifting???

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    I would have to agree. S13/S14. In my opinion the 14 is a much better chassis to learn on, more easily controlled and less prone to understeer especially with low power. Big aftermarket and good availability make it the best choice for beginners. FC's are a good choice too but the only drawback there is the rotary and the lack of people that can work on them. Go with the flow man, thats the best way to learn. If everyone is doing an s13/s14 then there is a reason for it.

    Make it as cheap as possible, get the car, a few cheap suspension mods and take it to an autocross event. You are not just jump into the car and become DrifterX so get that right out of your head. Learn the basics first then move up. Thats the way everyone else that is good did it and thats the way you will have to as well. Good luck.


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      Is the s13 WHICH ONE is it the Nissan Silvia s13 or Nissan 240sx s13