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200MPH Gear Setups?

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  • 200MPH Gear Setups?

    I was wondering what the gear setup would be for an s13 to go 200 or over? Anyone know? Also what gear setups for other cars too i.e./fc, fd, ae86, 300zx, 240z

    (dont bug me about this being off topic and not drift related, i thought this would be the best place to ask)


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    r34 rb26 w/ the stock awd 6 speed, locked up front diff (To just make it rwd)
    about 850ish hp, biiger wheels, a low ratio diff (3.5???) a tall spoiler, a grip of cash, and a twenty pound dumbell to drop on your foot for actually thinking about this!!!jk


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      I wouldn't know why, but pushing a car to that level is almost impossible, even with some fabrication. Maybe an rb26dett, it may be able to reach that level, but it's seriously not worth it.


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        hahahahaha a hachi going 200+ mph......hahahahaha......thanx for the good laugh

        i am rather curious though as to why you would possibly want to make any of those cars go 200+ mph when you'll never race on a track long enough to reach those speeds



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          I dont know much about gear ratios, but...If you are aiming for those kinds of speeds you are gonna have to do some aerodynamic upgrades to your car too. Whats the point of having a car reaching those speeds to just lose control of it and die. Get all sort of wings diffusers and whatnot to keep the car grounded. I would recomend getting a roll cage too. I'm sort of wondering though, why do you wanna reach those kinds of speeds in the first place? Are you trying to build an wangan or oval track race car?


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            Does anybody remember what happened last year to Option Auto and their Z33 that they ran in the Golden State High Speed Run (or whatever the hell its called)?? Their tire blew out at 180mph and the car flipped over at about 120 or so and their driver had to be air lifted to the hospital.....he turned out to be okay.....thanx for their 16 point roll cage or something crazy like that......anyway....the point is that when running at such high speeds you can't just slap on a set of normal street radials you buy from tire rack and call it a need tires that are specially designed to withstand the heat and stresses of driving at such a speed......yeah i know that guys over in Japan that do the Wangan runs don't have those tires on their cars......but their crazy for driving that fast and exceeding their tires speed wear rating by such a large amount



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              yeah man, if you're gonna do 200+, get some AWESOME tires.

              Get all sort of wings diffusers and whatnot to keep the car grounded.
              um, I would just go with a front air-dam as close to the ground as you can, and a little lip-spoiler on the rear. At those speeds, it should be all you need.


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                A Supra with a single turbo or just a Hayabusa and you got 200mph easy.



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                  when you guys are talking about top speed racing why do you forget about the bonneville salt flats???? That's where top speed driving got it's root. There are plenty of cars who have broken 200mph. Wangan racers are not the epitimy of top speed racing. Just thought i'd throw that in here.



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                    of the salt flats east of mailbu that al the bmw guys have been goingt o latetely


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                      the reason i didn't mention the Bonneville Salt Flats its b/c you aren't going to run those tires on the track or the street (and the only time on the street i'm talking about is the Golden State High Speed runs that they have once every year).......this tires are specially designed for running on the Salt Flats

                      and as for a Supra with s single turbo.....come on give me a break......anybody who knows about cars knows that Supras need a hell of a lot more to go 200+ mph



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                        well i mean really, how many times are you gonna run a 200+mph car on the street anyway. i don't think the gearing would be suited for a daily driver

                        either way, i don't think this is the best place to be asking about top speed runs, you might wanna find other forums where they do this for fun, they will have way more knowledge.

                        - peace


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                          Realistically, 200mph in such cars is a pipe dream/impractical to most people. At those speeds, aerodynamics becomes a major factor in if the car is both capable of reaching such speeds and is even stable at those speeds. The entire car, in and out, would have to pretty much be completely redone to make it work and work safely. It's not just tires or having enough downforce. It's also the added pressure and stresses placed on the entire chassis and suspension components. It would have to be a purpose built car.

                          Now just for fun. It would be helpful to know the rpm range of the motor, transmission gearing, final drive ratio, and tire diameter. With this info, you can convert motor rpm to tire rpm to speed.

                          Beyond that, you'd have to have an idea of the aerodynamics of the car. It could be approximated to a certain degree by build an "airfoil" roughly in the shape of the car or at least its major features. You could then estimate the downforce, drag, and even the moment of rotation(downforce in front, lift in rear actually rotates the car a little pushing nose down, tail up). From there, you could work on aerodynamic packages that could provide the correct downforce distribution for the car as well as reduce drag by improving flow in trouble spots.

                          Then it comes down to power. With the above representation of the car, you can determine the amount of drag or resisting force the car will have at any speed. If 200mph is the mark, you can determine how much power is needed to match the resistence. This will narrow down the powerplants that will work as well as give you an idea of how much power you really need to output. Note: better aerodynamics will allow you to run at 200mph with less power.

                          Finally, you'd need to make sure the hardware is up to par. It's not just tires that can run 200mph, but all other components as well. The air pressure will stress the chassis in ways it normally wouldn't be stressed. Problem areas would have to be beefed up. The suspension would have to be retuned to compensate for both the change in downforce but also the speed and the need to soak up bumps and irregularities in the road at 200mph. Suspension components and chassis parts would have to be beefed up to handle the higher forces that will be applied. For safety, you'd have a full roll cage, proper seat, and even a parachute for slowing the car down if you don't want to run the car down from 200mph using the car's own brakes or you don't have a lot of extra room to slow down in.

                          I'm sure I can think of more, and I'm sure I'm missing stuff. However, I think you get the idea

                          Now if you were being pretty simple with this, the second paragraph is what you need to read. I've done this with my RC cars to get an idea of what speeds they are capable of with a given gearing.


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                            its called the silver state classic challenge

                            a couple years ago in popular hotrodding they had a stock body thirdgen camaro that could hit over 200mph it had a big block and a 6-spd with a 2.56 final gear ratio and a lot of chassis mods even had tunnels like the ferrari's

                            GM high tech performance had a 93 camaro that could hit over 200mph it had a 383 stroker with a vortch supercharger with about 650rwhp stock 6-spd with stock 2.73 rear gears

                            here is a page on some guys 4thgen camaro SS set up for the silver stat classic


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                              Silver State Classic, right.

                              And it was Option Magazine, not Option auto. The driver was none other than Daijiro "Dai-Chan" Inada, founder and head of Option, and one of the most respected and renowned tuners, drivers, and automotive journalists, in Japan.